So That Was BlogHer'12

So, that was BlogHer'12. I guess that sounds rather mundane, doesn't it? It would read oddly if I made the wow gigantic, bold and in red.What other choice of words can I use other than, wow? There are a huge string of words that I could choose to use here, yeah I have a couple of complaints but ya' know there isn't much that comes completely complaint free. Minor complaints in comparison to the amazing time I had....more

Comfort Eats

We all know I'm an emotional eater.  Greasy popcorn, you say?  Yes, please!  Chocolate anything?  Oh, hell yeah!  Food prepared by someone else, who then clears the table and washes the dishes?  (*swoons*)  That might be more than I can take.  But I am always willing to give it a try.That's right.  I'm tough like that....more
@DesiValentine4 When the food is THAT good? Eating out is the perfect treat!more

The Obligatory New Year's Post... With FOOD!

2011 was not a great year, for me.  There was a good deal of "manning up" and "getting through it".  Heat and rest helped heal the neck strain earned via keeping my f@*king chin up.  Worn out big girl panties were replaced and put away for another time.  (A hopefully FAR into the future time.)  And joy, every fleeting glimpse of it, was grabbed onto and hugged hard.  Like an addict's last fix.  Or a kindred spirit seen too rarely.  Or a mother setting off on an unknowable adventure.......more
Oh, you too! @SHembree And, yes, you ABSOLUTELY need a friend who bakes! Though, the ...more

I Wasn't TRYING to Kill Him!

We are an allergy-rich family, chez Valentine.  My kids and my husband each have lengthy lists of foods that irritate their tummies or their skin, and (very fortunately) much shorter lists of items that might actually kill them.  My son carries an EpiPen wherever he goes.  And it is so much a part of his getting-ready-to-go routine that when he's playing dress-up in the playroom, there is a special bristle-block designated "Shelton's Eperpen" that he tucks in the outside pocket of his construction-worker suit....more
=D Thanks, Karen! It's been a fun little adventure for us :) @KarenLynnnmore

Thirteen New Foods!

I know, I know.  It was supposed to be "FOURTEEN New Foods" this week, but there was an issue with the camera accompanying my husband to work after the Spud's playschool Christmas concert instead of coming home with me – where there is finally decent light for taking photos with my dinky point-and-shoot, I might add.  (Possibly while shaking my fist at the sun, muttering expletives, and slopping another dash of Bailey's into my coffee cup....)Ahem....more
Heh :) Maybe I need to try goji berries in a smoothie. I stepped a handful in tea the other ...more

What is a Sugarplum, Anyway?

My daughter asked me this through a mouthful of Peak-Freans (after biting carefully around the edges to avoid the offending jam).  I stuffed her wooden Nutcracker back into my bag, and set her juice box down among the Alberta Ballet pins and Christmas glitter.  Dozens of princesses milled about, alighting briefly near tables – stopping a moment to do some colouring, build a mask, perfect a paper crown.  Their grownups did their best to keep track.  Indulging the girls' chatter and bottomless, breathless excitement....more
Thank you :) @SHembree It was such a great day.more

Seven New Foods!

My selection criteria for the 100 New Foods Project are very, very weak.  The food item has to be a whole food or combination of ingredients that I have never tried before, and be readily available in the general vicinity of the stuff on our family calendar.  The grocery store outside the physiotherapy office?  For sure!  The T & T Asian Supermarket near the skating rink?  Absolutely.  The chocolate shop at the mall?  Oh, hell yes!...more
They're not bad. Not great, in my opinion, but if you really enjoy turnip you might like these ...more

100 Foods

I've been giving a lot of thought to the ol' Life List, lately.  Not that I fear grad school equals The End of Life As I Know It, or anything....*whimper*...more
Thank you, sweet lady :-) @HomeRearedChefmore

Coffee Talk

Our plans for the week are preparing for Black Friday. The exciting day when shopping is Queen. The bargains and deals are out there and the hunt is part of the fun. We are sharing tips and stories on what we are exspecting for our Black Friday shopping this week. Our site has just started and we are trying to open with the events of the week. We will be having recipes, hints, complaints and experiences that all women have which we started out discussing over our morning coffee. Come and join us at

Charmed City

The spirituality in New Orleans is tangible.  You can literally reach out and touch the prayers and wishes and curses.  What's your persuasion?  Christian? Pagan? Voodoo?  Santeria?  Jewish? You won't have to look very far to find others who share your own beliefs and aren't afraid to invite you into their fellowship.I try to describe to people how the atmosphere in New Orleans is different, but I don't think you can truly understand until you are in the thick soup of prayer.  Being one of the oldest cities in America means that New Orleans has been the birthplace of many a call out to the Glorious Universe, and being one of the most spiritually diverse cities that I have come into contact, makes it feel as though all these prayers and passion are fighting with each other.  It ...more