My Husband is Nick Miller from New Girl

For those of you who haven't seen New Girl, this post might be a total wash for you. But try to enjoy it anyways.  Let me just say - New Girl is hilarious. Every week, it ups the ante, and my hubby Ryan and I find ourselves clutching our stomachs laughing. It's not many a show that can do that. There have been a few. Arrested Development. Modern Family. Community. Parks and Rec. 30 Rock. New Girl.That's the entire list, right there. You should watch it. ...more

If Jess Can Do It, So Can I

New Girl has become my guaranteed laugh of the week. No matter the day, the busyness, the drama or the like, New Girl manages to raise my spirits, forcing the belly laughter for a solid twenty-two minutes....more

New Girl--Neighbors (Review)

Previously On--Last week Nick, thanks to Winston, decided to re-evalutate his friendship with Jess. According to Winston, Nick was the boyfriend without the bedroom benefits and that he needs to stop that. Nick tells Jess this and when she asks if he wanted to the benefits he says no, yuck causing Jess to ask if he ever thought that way because at one time, for 5 minutes, she thought about more of  a relationship with Nick....more

Want an Early Look at at the New Girl? Not Just for VIPs Anymore

Amongst the buzz of must-see TV this fall is FOX’s half-hour comedy New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel. I saw the pilot a few days ago and really liked it. Which is always promising as pilots can be hit or miss. Sometimes you need a few episodes before the cast really gels, but this one seemed at ease. New Girl doesn’t premiere until September 20th, but you don’t need a studio screener to see it early. FOX is making everyone an insider....more
I watched it yesterday on TiVo and really liked it. Cute and well written.more