What's the next big idea?

My niece and I were recently having a conversation about the next big entrepreunal idea. She was lamenting the fact that she and I, budding bakers, totally missed out on the cupcake craze (cupcakes in lieu of wedding cakes, remember that?) which apparently is now dwindling down, much to the chagrin of the many who invested their life-savings in cupcakes-only bakery stores....more
@Laine Griffin That is not a bad idea at all. If it's good enough for my dog, would I care any ...more

Scurvy-Infested Cobras, Linda Blair, and Children's Books

I can’t help it- I REALLY don’t like reading children’s books.  I know, I am the worst parent ever… we already established that HERE.  I think a few things factor into this.    1. I’ve already read almost all of these stories 1.5 billion times and I’m not even allowed to change the frigging ending anymore because my kids call me out on it.   ...more

Testimonial Sponsorships

I work part-time from home, booking groups at hotels...a recent career switch to provide my family with maximum flexibility and hopefully, a somewhat steady income. Not to mention the travel benefits.However my career has been spent in marketing, working and volunteering for corporate America (too soul-killing), government (too red tape-y), non-profits (loved it, but where's the money? On that note, read Dan Pallotta's book, "Uncharitable." http://www.uncharitable.net/. Great stuff.)...more