How to Ace Your First Week of a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting, but also stressful. There's always a learning curve in any new office, no matter how much experience you are bringing with you. However, if you start off on a good foot, you set yourself up for success in your new job. Some of these might seem obvious, but maybe not for everyone. Here are my tips to help you ace your first week.  ...more

I suck at resolutions and it's okay.

The fourth week of school starts tomorrow seventh week of school ends on Friday and while perusing lesson plans, I ran across something laugh out loud funny: My list of new (school) year's resolutions....more

Late summer, in snapshots

Although it's very nearly pumpkin time, the sudden spike of Sacramento heat has me thinking about the lovely last bits of summer. Or rather, the whirlwind that was August. In those 31 days, I nursed a dying man back to health (only a mild exaggeration), prepared three months worth of dinner, started a new job, and agreed to an insane bet....more


You got the job.  Now what? Starting a new job can be just as stressful as searching for a new job. Whether it’s in your existing company or a new company the transition can set you up for success of failure. Use these tips to set yourself up for success with the company, team and boss in your new job. THE COMPANY ...more

What Don't You Know?

What Don’t You Know?We have a pinwheel as our logo at It is a cheerful symbol – a bit whimsical. Makes me happy to look at it, since it conjures up playful and simpler times.Some days, my life seems to be blowing by like the blades of a pinwheel. Faster, faster, faster – and I have the feeling I’m not keeping up.Remember when you thought you knew it all? I swear there was a time when I was convinced you couldn’t teach me anything new....more

Day 11. The Max Phase

Day 11.  I have to tell you that your prayers were answered!!!  I had asked on Tuesday night that you pray for God to help me through the last 2 weeks of my current job as it had been a little “icy” since turning in my notice.  Miraculously, on Wednesday afternoon, my boss hugged me and told me he was going to miss me; that he would never want to hinder me from doing better for myself, but that he was sad to lose me.  WOW!!!  That my friend is a MIRACLE!  I’m so thankful because I didn’t want to leave after 3+ years with him angry; it would have been like my ti...more

Moving 500 Miles with Three Young Boys and One on the Way

Less than a month ago, my husband received a job offer for what’s basically his dream job. The only problem is that this job requires us to move from San Diego County to the Bay Area, California, near San Francisco. It’s not the longest move I’ll have made in my life – I’ve twice moved across the country – but those moves were made when my life was far less full than it is now....more

How I used my blog to get my dream job

Last year I decided to go back to school to make a career change and I am proud to say that I recently accepted an offer for my dream job.  After a decade of working in personal finance I said bye-bye to retail banking and hello to the world of corporate communications and I owe it all to my blogging experience. ...more


I’ve been on my own for about four months now & every night is an adventure. I will never forget the events that unfolded the very first night I flew solo…...more

Job Interviews and Work Ethic

I do the hiring for my husband's family's company. Most days it is a pretty easy, laid back job but the last two weeks have been miserable....more