Science Communicators – We Need Them Desperately

Today, I want to toot the horn for science communicators, science writers and bloggers who are taking up the slack. Most people, including some women, have no interest in science. I know because if I compare the stats between my writing about science with my writing about sex, well, let’s be real. I know where folks interest are centered. So why waste my time? Here is why. You got your pseudo science, your misinterpreted science and journalists who don’t know science but scare the bejeebers out of you for ratings science. ...more

As an environmental scientist I am frequently blown away by what I would call an ...more

Should You Register Your Blog?

Unless you've decided to blog in a vacuum and don't care if anyone reads what you have to say, at some point you've probably looked for ways to encourage new readers to find your blog. ...more

We are newbies to blogging and this post was very helpful. We are excited about the long road ...more

Is YouTube Legit?

Lately I have questioned whether YouTube can pull off being a professional video platform for small companies and entrepreneurs to add self-generated video to their sites. It kind of reminds me of the internal debate I have as to whether Facebook is a good professional networking tool. ...more

Hi Maria,

I'm so glad you were able to add to my analysis by bringing up the most ...more

Witness: The True Emergence of Citizen Journalism


I'm Excited About BlogHer, But I'm Not Sure Why

I haven't totally wrapped my head around this idea, other than it's a collection of women's blogs (plus much, much more!) and advertisements ('cause everybody needs to make money).   So, right now, I'm just going to say that I'm working on a long-ish article about women and the internet and my biggest fears are: 1) According to The Atlantic's article "Is Google Making Us Stoopid?", people won't read a long-ish article. 2) I should instead be writing this article for "real" publication. ...more

On Romantic Idealism

When you get to college, no one ever asks, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Instead, you're repeatedly crank called by a cynic who says, "When you grow up, and reality sucker punches you; you'll see the world for what it really is." ...more

Fan Websites at the Paley Center

Approximately a year ago, The Museum of Television & Radio changed its name to The Paley Center for Media to keep up with the changing times. The program that I attended with my sons last night "Click Critics: The Power of Fan Websites" was very much an example of how television and radio are now very much entwined with new media. It was an informative and very entertaining night and my teenage sons and I truly enjoyed it. ...more

A Bloggess gets Kawasakied. We Digg a Queen. And Mommybloggers take back their title and add Hussein.

It has been one of those weeks. A week that slams you against a wall. Needless to say, I fell behind in my blog reading. What is an editor to do? Why she just hops onto Twitter to find the latest buzz. And, oh, there has been buzz! Take for instance the newest addition to the Urban Dictionary. When Jenny of The Bloggess found her group blog Mama Drama on, she emailed Guy Kawasaki (the creator of the list) to thank him. From there, the hilarity ensued. In a must read exchange between Guy and Jenny, she found herself the topic of a Tweet. ...more

When I started blogging over three years ago I didn't realize there was so much disdain toward ...more

SNCR Announces Call for Entries for 2nd Annual Excellence in New Communications Awards

Hi all... I belong to the Society for New Communications Research (SNCR). I know that some of you also belong to it. "The Society for New Communications Research is pleased to announce its call for entries for the 2007 Excellence in New Communications Awards program. The deadline for submissions and nominations is September 28, 2007." ...more