Why I Choose To Live In New Mexico (And LOVE it!)

Albuquerque gets a bad rap.  Maybe it's Bugs Bunny's fault, or maybe its the fact that the TV show COPS set up permanent camp here in the 90s but truly and honestly, I live in Albuquerque and I choose to stay here because it's an amazing town.  Let's ditch a few stereotypes first, however.  No, we do not wear sombreros and it's not all desert.  We get snow, we have mountains...and lakes....and rivers...and forests!  We also are as high (and in Santa Fe, higher) than Denver, the mile high city.  They just took all the credit....more
thank you for sharing.  I have been there many times, my dad lived there for 10 years and am now ...more

The Thrill of the Chase



You have to get up early ... Read more ...more

Coyotes song in my head

Reading my old posts has remined me why it's time to go back ... back to New Mexico ... read more...more

My Sweet Spot

My Sweet Spot...more

Empowering Women through Indigo Dye Collectives

One day, as Cece was driving up to Santa Fe, she tuned in KUNM the local Public Radio station. As she listened, she was fascinated by an interview she was listening to. The woman interviewed was Mary Lance, a documentary film director. The Topic? Indigo....more

The Case of the Missing Cookies!

Sending Cece across the country with a few dozen of the family favorite biscotti is a very dangerous proposition!    Cece was asked to make the cookies and bring then across from New Mexico.  Simple enough right?The problem was though,  that Cece kept giving the biscotti away.  She gave some to friends in New Mexico, some to a friend who drove her to the airport, and some to people she met at the airport and in the plane....more

A Vegan Ventures into Hunter Tom's

I had planned to spend yesterday afternoon in the studio, for the first time in weeks, just to see if there were any sparks left, or if anything would stick if I threw it against the wall. Then Deborah suggested lunch, and I was out the door in a flash, no looking back. The studio has been waiting all this time, it will wait a little longer. ...more

A Girl With Wheels!

But then, in the silence, you know,......there is never a dull moment.  A man cycled by, "Are you the race official?" he asked Cece. "No," she replied, What race?"   "There is a triathlon along this course and they will be coming by at any moment.  I thought you were a race official."  ...more

That was a close call!more

Church? NOT. The Magic that is The Church of Beethoven.

Church?  NOT!   Yun’s friend invited her to attend the Church of Beethoven which is  a Sunday morning concert and poetry reading here in Albuquerque that is designed to take the place of going to church.  It is not religiously affiliated at all!  So why the name church?  Read on!...more