What Color Is The Cheese?

 Several years ago, there was a discussion at our patio picnic table, over glasses of wine and a lovely piece of port salut cheese. As I recall, there was some difference of opinion on whatever the topic was, and to illustrate some point I was trying to make about differences of opinion, I asked my friend, What color is this cheese? Her answer was something like, White. Creamy, yellowy white. She was right. Yes, I said, and rotated the cheese plate so the orange-colored rind was facing her. Now what color is the cheese? ......more

So enjoyed this.
I blogged earlier today on the glass half full as opposed to the glass half ...more

2010 Election: Governors' Race Results in Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina

UPDATES AT BOTTOM OF POST, NEWEST AT THE TOPAlex Sink (D) vs. Rick Scott (R) in Florida [UPDATE: Not called as of 7:45am 11:20am Sink concedes, Scott wins 11/3/10]BlogHer.com's Sarah Granger called this race hot in late September and it's still as hot as ever:...more

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you anticipate the NM legislature working/not working ...more

Listening to the Season

I'll wander away from Halloween in a moment now, after just a few more pictures to show you how much fun we had here in Taos. The crowds of kids always come out in the early afternoon, leaving the evening for the grownups to go out and play. We were out early, and back home for dinner, but I still donned my fabulous hat and my bonehead necklace. Heidi was a very popular little bee, and wanted nothing more than to snuggle with us on the couch last night. Those adoring kids wore her out....more

Haiku and Halloween


Taos Zombie Stagger

The Taos Zombie Stagger was a great success, especially for a first time event. We arrived to find a jam-packed Plaza, filled with creepy zombies and curious onlookers. Everyone milled around for a few minutes, and after some brief instructions, the parade began, right on time. That never happens in Taos, so a lot of people were late catching up. Straggling zombies ran after the pack, and befuddled locals with cameras murmured, It started on time...?...more


To continue a bit on yesterday's topic, because I keep hearing from more and more discouraged friends, I think it's important to say that I know I'm one of the lucky ones. I have Rick, and my health, and not one, but two roofs (or rooves--I looked it up--both are correct) over my head. I have plenty to eat--you can tell that just by looking at me!...more

Rainy Day in Taos

Weather matters, doesn't it? It does to me. It's been absolutely, splendidly beautiful here in Taos since we arrived almost a month ago. Couldn't ask for better. Today is cloudy though, and it rained most of the night, but that's a good thing. It's a blessing, in the purest form. Water in the desert. Back in our Seattle days, and even last winter in Ashland, a rainy day was not a novelty, and certainly not a comfort. Not to me....more

Exploring Taos - Part 1 - Ranchos Church Plaza

This is the first in a series of small adventures in and around Taos, New Mexico. My idea is to go out and explore favorite places as well as places that are new to me--well known, and obscure, tourist spots, and local haunts--at my own pace, which is not necessarily that of a typical travel writer. I want to show you this wonderful place from the perspective of one who has lived here for years, and is still discovering it. My hope is not to make you feel that you've been here, but that you want to come here to see it for yourself. ...more

A Day By The Rio Grande

Sometimes you just have to sit by the water, you know? Moving water. It's that negative ion thing I don't understand, but I know it works. Moving water can smooth away all the pokey edges, making us into instant river rocks. When we were in Ashland, Oregon, we'd trek over to the coast regularly, to visit the ocean. Even though we lived on a lake, the ocean did a much better job of water therapy. We don't really want to live at the ocean. Too much fog. Too many rusted things....more

Wabi Sabi

The term wabi sabi has caught my attention lately. I'm not sure why. I must have seen a book someplace, or maybe noticed the shop in town by the same name -- a beautiful shop, that's so wabi sabi, it doesn't seem to have a website.  I couldn't sleep last night, so used the extra waking hours to do some research. I want to know more about this wabi sabi way of life. It seems I've been heading into it for some time now without even knowing it, paring down our belongings, always ready to leave another cold or useless object behind, and trying to focus on the things that are truly important in life....more

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