New Moon in Cancer – Ooh Feelings!

Cancer Moon on Friday June 27, 2014 and when both luminaries, Sun and Moon, are in the same sign, the Moon is designated as “New”. As always during this Moon phase, we are encouraged to begin a project, launch an idea and with sensitive, family focused Water sign Cancer, it will probably involve something close to home. Emotions may be very close to the surface, nerve endings exposed – “Feelings, whoa, whoa feeeeelings…”.  Be careful not to over react if friends, loved ones seem clueless and tactless during this time, but do pay attention to your heightened instincts....more
Denise  Ha. Ha! Love it!more

New Moon in Loquacious Gemini 5/28/14

Yes, I could have just used the word “Chatty”, however, Wednesday’s New Moon, with start up, initiating energy, will be in Communication focused Gemini. The Moon is considered “New” when the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign and this time is great for new ideas and implementing new projects. Just be sure to verify whatever information comes your way before taking action. We will certainly be spurred on to share thoughts, feelings, stories at length regardless of who wants to listen. So get your facts straight. (Short and sweet works best sometimes....more

Money Honey! New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Taurus 4/28 – 4/29

Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac is about security, finances and what is of value to you. All those things are highlighted with the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in this grounded Earth sign on April 28 PDT / April 29 EDT. With both luminaries in Venus ruled Taurus, (the Sun since 4/19/14) romance, beauty, creativity are also strong influences. Time for a new love, a new project, a new budget?  ...more

Aries New Moon On Sunday!

We start off the weekend under the influence of the Pisces Moon. Sensitive, mystical, Neptune ruled, Water sign Pisces highlights our caring and empathetic side while also awakening any escapist tendencies under the surface. Stay grounded, make note of any dreams that can be used in the creative process and be kind and compassionate. (But remember, if a story, a promise, a gift seems too good to be true – it probably is) Stay real. Next up, energetic Aries!...more

Optimistic Sagittarius New Moon 12/2/13

A New Moon in Sagittarius, Monday December 2, 2013, gets the month off to an upbeat start. Abundance, fun, bigger is best, far reaching ideas, etc. are all part of this Jupiter ruled Zodiac Fire sign....more

Accomplishment Central - New Moon In Virgo!

On Thursday September 5, 2013, both the New Moon and the Sun are in efficient Earthy Virgo. We experience a double dose of the responsible, practical, detail oriented 6th sign of the Zodiac.  Like all “New” Lunar phases, the next 2 weeks are a great time for initiating, starting, creating, etc. Use it to organize and de-clutter both mind and surroundings. ...more

Here Comes the Sun: Youthful, Versatile Gemini

Welcome to “twins” Land.  Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, representing duality (think Castor and Pollux).  This Air sign is all about flexibility, multi-tasking, being busy, needing change. Regardless of your birth sign, everyone should benefit from a boost of Gemini energy. Communication is key – chatting, tweeting, talking, writing. The social butterfly routine can be done with a good time being had by all....more

New Moon Goddesses: Which One Speaks to You?

The New Moon is a time to examine hidden issues and to plan for new beginnings. Also called the Dark Moon, it symbolizes hidden knowledge, winter, dormancy, retreat, rest and recuperation.Many ancient cultures believed that the Dark Moon Goddesses held the keys to life. These goddesses were not to be feared, but embraced. And to understand their teachings was to understand the deepest mysteries of life....more

The need to create positive habits!

Today the Moon starts a new cycle with the New Moon in aquarius. What a nice start of the week!  So many new thoughts and solution to our old problems could come our way the next month. It´s always a good time to start something new, progressive but wise things when the new moon is in this sign.   I ´m going to start drinking my favorite drink in the morning that is made of almond milk, bananas and the frozen blueberries  I picked last autumn with my family....more

Full Moon in Cancer – Family, Friends, Food!

Sunday and Monday, January 8 and 9, 2012, the Moon is in home loving, nurturing Cancer. The Sun is in the opposite sign of Capricorn, until the 20th, and when the luminaries are facing each other, the Moon will be lit in “Full” phase. The Moon rules water sign Cancer and its caring, emotional, moody traits are pushed to the forefront. You can have fun checking in with friends and family you might have missed during the holidays. Devise healthy, but comforting, foods for loved ones. (Even if not at your most jovial, you will still want to be around them.)...more