Aquarius New Moon Thursday, Weekend Moon in Pisces

 On Jan 30, 2014, an Aquarius New Moon will give power and possibilities to our group actions. The Uranus ruled Air sign wants us involved with humanitarian issues - exercise those revolutionary muscles by joining or creating movements with the aim of defeating the status quo. Regardless of what’s going on, it will speak to Aquarian need for independence, love of the radical and different....more

New Moon in Aquarius – Marches, Speeches, Barricades!

There is a friendly, unconventional Aquarius New Moon occurring on Saturday February 9, 2013. Power and possibilities for this Uranus ruled Air sign usually involves something to do with gathering with others, belonging / creating movements to defeat the status quo, something revolutionary. Whatever the weekend activities, it will probably speak to Aquarian independence and love of the different.  ...more