New Moon * New Year

An ambitious, financial security focused Capricorn New Moon helps us greet the New Year on Wednesday, January 1, 2014.  After a few choruses of Auld Lang Syne and a couple of glasses of bubbly, whether it be champagne or ginger ale, New Moon energy can give us the push to start the year with plans to accomplish goals, advance a career, create space to achieve....more

Weekend Horoscope: The First New Moon Of 2013!

The first New Moon of 2013 happens today, Friday January 11th. The Lunar Orb is in ambitious, career-minded Earth Sign Capricorn--a great way to start the year when you want to devise goals and plans for a status upgrade--strategize! Like all New Moons, it always occurs in the same sign as the current Sun placement intensifying and powering its Astrology traits, characteristics. As I’ve said before, New Moons are always full of “beginning” possibilities, this 10th sign of the Zodiac can supply the pragmatism and discipline to go forward and pursue a path to success....more

Weekend: Zesty Sag, New Moon in Practical Cap & Merry Xmas!

When the Moon changes Zodiac signs – Fire sparked Sagittarius, then Earth grounded Capricorn – be flexible because moods may vary for the next few days. Friday December 23, 2011 starts the holiday weekend with a joyous, upbeat Sag Moon.  Ruled by jolly, Jupiter, this sign impels you to share yourself and spread good tidings – you’ll be able to wrap and nog with the best of them. Cheers!...more
Thank you so much! Blessings and Joy to you and your family. @victorias_viewmore

Astrology: First New Moon and Solar Eclipse for 2011 in Capricorn

The first New Moon of 2011 happens on Tuesday January 4th. If that isn’t exciting enough, there will be a Solar Eclipse occurring on the same day in the same ambitious, career minded Earth Sign of Capricorn. ...more