On Motherhood

As I watch all of the beautiful and sentimental updates from my friends who have entered the adventure of motherhood I am reminded of the words that I wish someone had uttered to me during those stages - and that I had the clarity to absorb them. Dear Self, ...more

The Perfect Gift For Baby! Psst... Hey "Moms-To-Be" - You're WELCOME!

How awesome is Etsy? I mean almost everything on it is unique, handmade and affordable; so why not start THERE when you're ready to buy?**Click image to read full article**...more

Are You A Juggler and an Acrobat?

You’d Make A Great Mother!  As a young mother,  I tried to do everything around the house that I had done before I became a mother, but even acrobatic, multitaskers are forced to be reasonable as they try to meet a newborn's needs. ...more

Babies Are Complex Little PEOPLE

  The Joy of Mothering Newborn babies are complex little people who see, hear, touch, communicate, receive information and who above all, remember. ...more
I forgot to mention that point. I always say that my babies and children saved me, not the other ...more

Taking the Leap Into "Vanhood"

At some point in each growing family, there comes the decision to invest in a SUV or take the leap into what I like to call "Vanhood".  It can be a hard decision to make for some families...especially for the one who will be driving it.  It can be an even harder decision for mothers that might be "younger"....more
Enjoy the spacious luxury! A van is hip - it's all about how you roll and jam the breaks in style ;)more

My Friend Thinks My Baby is a Bore

I have a 6-month-old daughter, but one of my friends doesn't have any kids. Every time I start to talk about my daughter and the whole experience of being a mother, I can just tell that she couldn't care less. This hurts me, because she is one of my oldest friends and I would expect her to support me with this huge, huge part of my life. Can this friendship be saved?...more
I am in this situation right now. I am among the first of all of my friends to have a baby and ...more

Extreme Anxiety and New Motherhood: The Perfect Storm

As I was researching last week's post on parenting trends of the past ten years, I realized why my daughter's babyhood was so difficult for me. ...more
Amazing read, this is ME!  Thank you for posting a very authentic story, and painting the ...more

Still not sleeping...

Me, that is. Not my ten month old son, Caspar.. I'm one of those annoying mothers whose child sleeps through, eats anything I give him, cries only to let me know his nap is over, and fills his nappy at the same time each morning. That's not to say there haven't been a few hiccups along the way. The week after his first two vaccinations were awful. The week after surgery was horrible. And he has a tendency to shit twice on any day that I'm not the one who changes that first nappy. He must know it's my job. ...more

Is the happy pregnant lady a myth?

Over at The Boston Globe, documentary filmmaker and writer Jody Santos shares her experience with antepartum depression. Have you heard of that, pregnant women experiencing depression despite wanting the baby? Santos calls it “the pregnancy taboo,” and early in her article she observes that many people already know about postpartum depression (PPD), but few know about antepartum depression. ...more

My spouse swears that after my youngest was born (after establishing his sex and his health) my ...more