Got to talk about the Saints, SORRY!

Ok, so if I haven't told you before, I am from New Orleans, LA. And, we do things really weird, crazy, awesome in NOLA....if you haven't been there, I would highly recommend going. Not even necessarily during Mardi Gras (though that is so fun), but maybe Jazz Fast (April/May), Voodoo Fest (October) or for the Sugar Bowl every January. Anyways, this season, (just in case you have been living under a rock), the New Orleans Saints are ROCKING IT OUT. Quick stats on the Saints:-Founded in 1966-We are rated FIRST in the NFC South right now!...more

U.S. District Court Rules Against Army Corps for Katrina Flooding

It's being called a "landmark decision." A federal judge ruled November 18 in favor of New Orleans residents and one business, the plaintiffs, and against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in a Hurricane Katrina flooding lawsuit. U.S. District Court Judge Stanwood R. Duval, Jr, decided that the Corps failed to maintain the levees that breached during Katrina, flooding St. Bernard Parish and the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. The case involved six plaintiffs, two of which are in the same household, and the court awarded $720,000 in compensation to the remaining four. ...more

The Bus

I'm reading a bunch of stuff now about New Orleans for this screenplay I've been working on with two friends for longer than any of us can remember. I know Rosey's had two children in the process and Lou Lou adopted Lillian....more

Fourth Anniversary of Katrina: We're Still Here

New Orleans is my city and I love it. I am not alone in this affection. Yet, I drag my feet to write about how it stumbles down the road to recovery. Shouldn't a writer in New Orleans, seeing her city's value, beauty, promise, its failures, blight, and grotesque inequalities revisit its saga often? ...more

 to Nordette and all of you for these excellent links. I have been in a sour mood all ...more

When in Rome...

Michelle Obama & kids visited the Pantheon yesterday. It has been twittered, and it's probably TOTALLY UNTRUE, in the friend of a friend of a friend sort of variety of info that our TOTALLY COOL FIRST LADY donning black leggings - leggings!- under a black dress asked for a doggy bag at the restaurant. ...more

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans

Brad Pitt. The tabloids won't give the gorgeous man a rest. Every detail of his relationship with Angelina Jolie is constantly under scrutiny, and with the release of Inglorious Basterds in late summer and today's stories about the hitch for his movie Moneyball, we know we're going to be Pittched at least weekly in the next few months. But Brad Pitt for Mayor of New Orleans? Come on! ...more

I wonder how annoying Poor Pitt finds all of this to be considering the fact that he probably ...more

Letter from New Orleans: Women Rebuilding

by Beth Herstein Three weeks ago approximately 150 women, all volunteers, rolled up their sleeves and helped renovate gutted homes just outside of New Orleans, as part of the Women's Rebuild Week of the nonprofit St. Bernard Project. ...more

For Mother's Day, It's Swarming Termites

I wish I could say that I moved back to Louisiana, bought a nice house on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, and now sit on my porch in the evenings drinking Mint Juleps as I'm fanned by a sexy, shirtless man. But that's not what happened. This summer I will have been back in the New Orleans metropolitan area for nearly two years and what do I have to show for it? Lizards, tree frogs, black snakes, and swarming termites for Mother's Day. ...more

I guess you just had a bad day if you had to deal with those swarming termites. The video you ...more

Unfortunate Events Turn Cities Green

Headquartered in California, Global Green USA is the offshoot company of Green Cross International  which was “created by President Mikhail S. ...more

Racially Motivated Katrina Vigilantes: Is Black Life Worth More than a Wine Cooler?

Journalist A.C. Thompson, writing for The Nation magazine, documented that white vigilantes shot black men at will during Hurricane Katrina in Algiers Point, part of the City of New Orleans, and no one has been investigated, much less prosecuted. Furthermore, associated video of white men boasting about their deeds indicates the men acted with police approval. ...more

This was the same rationale that the late Sen. Strom Thurmond's mentor, more