See You in August

I will be out until Monday, 8/3/2009, see you then!  Thanks. ...more

Are You Fed Up With the Waiting Game?



"Hongyan baomeng - all beauty has a tragic end" from Peach Blossom Pavillon by Mingmei Yip ...more

Unleash Your Imagination

To achieve what you imagine for yourself, begin with an end in mind. Picture yourself as you will be after you accomplish your goal. Fill in the details. See yourself in that situation. Make it vivid and real in your thoughts, connect with it consistently. Become skilled at visualization. Take action toward achieving your goal every day. Small steps. Make your vision a part of your life and make sure you are passionate enough about what you want to get through the low points, distractions and changeback pressure. ...more

Get Out of The Pressure Cooker Syndrome

Have you heard the story of the recovering alcoholic who started drinking with the people from her AA group? Stress contributes to up to 85% of all medical problems. How you handle it in your life is important. Are you usually pro-active when dealing with stress or reactive? Do you have a balanced and workable action plan to reduce stress in your life? A healthy outlet? Is it effective?   from my home blog at: ...more

Switching More Than Your Toliet Paper


Save Your Anti-Aging Dollars



"Another word for creativity is courage." - Henri Matisse ...more

Anti-Procrastination Secret Weapon

What does your inbox look like? Is it empty or overflowing? We procrastinate because it provides immediate gratification. Much like a credit card, we will have to pay but it won't be until later. Procrastination is the result of low focus and low energy. To reduce procrastination - increase your focus and then your energy. ...more

Make It Pay

What do you do better than anyone else? ...more