How I Met Your Father; So Not a Love Story

    I really like my husband. He is a little goofy  and can be shy at times, but over all he is a really nice guy. I thought he was a really nice guy when I first met him. No, when I first met him I thought he was a creepy 18 year old, but that was because he had this stupid grin on his face....more

Boyfriend and Friends Don't Mix

Why is it that your boyfriend and your friends just don’t mix? Why do you get the distinct impression you have to give up your friends to please your boyfriend?...more

Don’t Drag Your Old Relationship into the New!

You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, and this year you’re sticking to them, by gum! You’ve set new diet goals, fitness goals and spending – oops, make that budgeting  - goals. You even have a new relationship this year, or one that solidified as the New Year began. Oh happy day, all is well. You feel energize, thrilled to start the New Year with so many good things in place.   And then your new live-in Sweetheart or Spouse does something that reminds you of your ex...more

Obsessing Over New Love

Why do you obsess over how the guy you've been dating for all of a month and a half feels about you? Why are you tormenting yourself already with “Where is this relationship going?”...more

So...Do you still love them or what?!

Can people actually stay friends with their exes? Now, I mean really friends - Not friends with benefits, not staying together for the kids - I mean actual friends. Before you say "yes" (because that's the best "FU society!" answer that makes us all seem way cooler and way better adjusted then we are). Think about your exes.... ...more

No Going Back

  Stop and think about it, what's yours?  ...more


“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.” - Chinese Proverb ...more

Let's Get Personal

Forget rides in helicopters, a week at the best spa, or an all expense paid trip, what is the best gift you can give to someone? The best g...more

Shopping vs. Beat The Clock

Most decisions requiring us to spend money quickly are better made after careful consideration.  "Buy now, act FAST!!!...more

I Can't Make It - I'll Be Seeing Myself

The most vital appointment you make each day is with yourself.  Set aside 10 minutes to breathe deeply and connect with who you are and what you...more