Moving During the School Year: HELP!!

@JennaHatfield  I wish that was an option for us. We are moving about  1.5 hours away, so it's ...more

Agony of School Starting...Public or Homeschooling?

I know there are a lot of problems with the Public School system. I also know there are a lot of good things. I have read some amazingly good things about homeschooling too, I'm even on a bunch of homeschooling email lists that I even take the time to read (most of the time)....more

Segment 4: The Man in the Truck

Blog Directory The next day at school I had my head down listening to my half balding blond French teacher talking about linguistics and then later on verb conjugations along with sentence-verb agreements by drawing examples for formal and informal ones on the board. My eyes were puffy again from staying up late and my CBGB’s shirt I’d bought off of an old guy at the bar around the corner felt sweaty, heavy humid from having slept in it with the window open letting out all the cold air....more

A Veteran Entrepreneur Hosts Free Webinar on Business Plans

Geri Stengel has an extensive record of helping small business and non-profits. Stengel co-founded the Women’s Leadership Exchange, a social enterprise that helps women-led businesses take their companies to the next level. ...more