New Year, New You: 5 Simple Steps to Successful Resolutions

Maybe at this point in your life you've given up on New Year's resolutions. After all, what is the fucking point? No matter how firm your resolve, how minor the commitment, you'll cave by February. Oh, who are we kidding? Whatever you're attempting won't make it through the first few days of your kid's tantrums as they return to school or those bleary early morning commutes. There's a reason we have bad habits we'd like to give up but can't. It's because they serve a purpose. That behavior you'd like to change offers you something you need, the comfort of consistency....more

New Year, New Sleep Habits

Make a resolution that improves your lifestyle; that makes you healthier too. Exercise and diet make a most prominent factor, but many people ignore sleep which isn't healthy. A good sleep improves the health on several aspects of skin quality, metabolism, fat burning, and much more. So, you must have an adequate and proper sleep for a healthy you!...more

Which Quote Will Define Your Life In 2017?

After taking a moment to browse through my Facebook feed I saw a friend of mine shared one of those fun websites where you plug in your name and it spits something random out back to you. You can then share your results on your newsfeed for people like me to find....more

New Year, New You: Why Now? Why Not!

I know you're not ready yet. You're still stuffing that "last" cookie into your mouth and convincing yourself that streaming Netflix for the 4th hour in a row is perfectly normal behavior. And that's okay. We all do it. The holidays are a time of indulgence, when we wallow in the comfort of our warm homes and the forgiveness of pajama pants. And then comes the New Year, thick with thoughts of resolutions and new beginnings. We step out of the shadow of that midnight chime with our good intentions, girded with resolve to transform into the best version of ourselves....more

Goodbye 2016 - Hello 2017

I spent all of last week taking a look back at 2016 and sharing its favorite recipes. For the most part, I tried my damnedest to be impartial, however, I'm so over that now. Today is all about me; me and all of my favorites from 2016....more

Exercise Strategies for Video Gamers and Techies

It's Christmas party time, and you're no doubt enjoying the excesses of the season like the rest of us. Christmas means wine, cake, turkey , cheese and chocolate - or usually in my case, it means massively overindulging on Twiglets. It is hard to avoid putting on a few extra pounds or letting a healthy diet slip by the wayside - but Christmas jumpers are very forgiving, and a little extra weight is marvellous at fending off cold weather....more

Hoppin’ John: A Belated New Years Post

I feel kind of cheated that ...more

26 Ways To Create Internal Stability In The New Year

The new year means a chance to start fresh, look yourself in the mirror, ignite change and create internal stability. Even if you’ve fallen off track in the past or you’re hesitant to attempt reaching new goals, remind yourself that it’s not too late.In fact, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate and reignite the flame inside yourself. I promise that if you turn these tips into daily, or even weekly habits, you’ll experience an abundance of positive changes in your life and health....more

Three Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude in 2016

Yes, January 1st has come and gone. But it isn't too late to start a gratitude practice. (Plus, consider the "late" start to be a great way to challenge your inner perfectionist!)...more

Ready for 2 0 1 6

 Now that we're counting down the hours left in 2015 it's stereotypical of me to look ba...more