A new year is coming!

Now that the last week in August is here, my thoughts inevitably begin turning towards September. And ever since I can remember, September has always felt like the beginning of my new year - much more so than January ever does - so there's a certain anticipation in the air, as though a fresh start is right around the corner. ...more

I'm Back...Let's Rock 2014!

Happy 2014!It’s been quite a while since my last post. Life stepped in, as it often does, and threw some pretty big curve balls. I lost a friend to cancer in November. Barbra (AKA Pinkwellchick) was a bright light that continues to shine, but from a different venue. Many of us have pledged to keep her movement moving and growing....more

It's January - 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now for 2014 Elections

Welcom to a brand new election cycle. I've decided to start the new year with a post that will hopefully get you focused on your goal for 2014 - winning your political campaign!...more
Seems like this post was written for a man: "Your wife and children will be affected..."more

The Year of Doing Less

Emily Wenstrom | Read more at Creative Juicer | Follow me on TwitterHappy 2014, peeps.As I announced in December, I took a hiatus from Creative Juicer and wordhausover the holidays. In fact, I ended up almost fully unplugging during that time and hardly even got on Facebook or Twitter much.I just let it all go. It felt great....more
Doing less is definitely one of my goals this year.  Best of luck to both of us.more

Tis the Season to CLEAN OUT & Organize

Yes it is time to do the cleanse...come on by and read about it!...more


I find myself continually fighting against the act of procrastination.  Interestingly enough I just love the idea of being organized and getting things done.  I just haven't been able to find out exactly how this process of order and organization applies to me.  I make lists.  I buy calendars of every shape and size.  Hanging, desk, hardbound, softbound, spiral bound, small sizes, large sizes.  I could open a fully stocked calendar store.  I have even tried online calendars and list making apps....more
I hear you.  I LOVE feeling organized but I have to have the stars aligned just so to work ...more

Dizzy in the New Year

As people thoughtfully planned how their new year, 2014, would be a different year, I was feeling dizzy, experiencing hot/cold spells, trying to keep my head from exploding, having throat crap, feeling like my eyes are on fire, and hoping to breathe or smell through my nose. Worse than feeling sick was the nagging thought of how I was going to take care of four children, when I wasn't well enough to be on my feet for long. Thankfully, a gals' night, including a sleepover, had been planned for New Year's Eve; and one friend stayed on for two nights to help....more

Dodging Raindrops

For the last year and a half or so, I have been living my life like someone trying to dodge the raindrops.  Raindrops are the little things.  Laundry that goes sour too fast.  Cats that refuse to use the litterbox properly.  Related carpet stains.  Lost thread.  A sink full of dirty dishes.  Someone at work yells at you.  A driver on the interstate cuts you off, gives you the finger.  Spring termite swarm.  Late frost killing off your flowers.  An argument with a friend.And in the middle of all that, you get lightening and golf-ball sized hail.Unemployment.  Infertility.  Mono.  A spouse with kidney stones.  Medical bills....more

Happy New Year!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve! We are still celebrating New Year's with friends at the lake! I'll be back at the blog tomorrow...promise!...more

Thankfulness Tuesday: New Year

New Years Eve always make me reflect on the past year (even more so than Thanksgiving). So much has happened this past year and it has seriously flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating last New Years. So I want to thank all of you, my readers, who have made me feel like I'm a decent blogger ;) To read the rest of this post, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.com Xo,J...more