6 Steps to Setting Meaningful Goals

If you experience resistance from your right brain when you set "specific" goals that make your "creative" side feel boxed in and encounter doubts from your left brain when you go the "touchy-feely" route...I want to share a 6-step process that has made both my right brain and left brain happy:The process makes the left brain happy because it addresses the strategic and tactical components. It appeals to the right brain because it’s grounded in the emotions and personality....more

Keep Your 2014 New Year's Resolutions

Keeping New Year’s resolutions is always a challenge, but it can be different this year. The downfall for most people is thinking too big. A recent study indicates that the best way to stick to one’s New Year resolutions is just the opposite … to think small....more

The Best New Year’s Resolution.

 Horses don’t make New Year’s resolutions. They live forever in the present moment. Prey animals are smart that way....more

Energy-Efficiency Upgrades? Include the Car

Once, I convinced my parents' landlady to replace the ancient fridge in the apartment with a new, EnergyStar-rated fridge. We contributed half the purchase price and within a single year, we got our contribution back in electricity savings. (That old fridge was a real dinosaur).You could do worse than to include a home energy audit as one of your new year resolutions.  Whether you do it yourself or call in an expert, you will probably come out saving energy costs....more

Today Is a New Day

 Since yesterday, all my conversations have included at least one discussion about the obsequious trend of making new year resolutions....more
Ha! Good luck with that! @@BehavioralChildmore

It Takes Two to Tango



Well it's that time of year again, the time we all reflect on what we did (or didn't) accomplish in the 12 previous months, and what we do (or do not) want to achieve in the year ahead. In some ways, I feel that 2010 has been one long buildup of resolutions for me -- maybe not necessarily for the New Year, but for my life (my Life After Normal, that is!). ...more

happy, healthy, go for it, 2010

i've never been a gym rat. not even sure what that is, actually. someone who wears spandex, wrist bands and the newest nike shox; carries diseases, has a long tail and likes to bench press? i dunno. but i do know that i like to sweat. to feel the music coursing through my body; pushing me on. sometimes i pretend i'm in a movie and the music is my theme song (did i really just admit that?). then reality hits and i realize i'm at cardio express in suburban connecticut. one of 23 people on the elliptical machine hooked up to their ipod while watching hgtv on the tv monitor. sigh. ...more

Cookbooks have arrived!

 In order to accomplish my goal of 182 new recipes in 366 days, I need to actually lay my hands on at least, well... 182 new recipes....more

And away we go.

I’m a procrastinator. I come up with ideas and plans, goals and dreams… and then decide it’s much nicer to stay curled up on my couch in comfy pajamas....more