Trying to Meet Goals When You're Already Overwhelmed

No one needs another blog post about the "work-at-home mommy" struggle, or a kid throwing a tantrum because no one will play cars with him, or the difficulty of trying to focus on a creative task (er, writing, anyone?) when you can't fully dive into it because your 3-year-old wants you to try on his sunglasses and help him get a snack ("yogurt an' HUN-ee. 'Cause I hungee.") and you need to make sure he isn't really strangling the cat even though it sounds like it. No one needs to read any of that....more

4 Super Crappy 2016 Resolutions

 In the spirit of the New Year (or as my company’s language-challenged marketing department calls it, “The New Starts”), I have come up with the following list of resolutions to make myself a better person....more
marypurdy  Happy to accommodate! Thanks for reading my post :)more

If You've Had a Rough Year... This One's For You

This one goes out to a dear friend who battled breast cancer this year. Battled? Hmpffff... She smote it down and pissed on its ruins. And to another who's dear to me who's heading in for his final treatment for melanoma that showed up first on his face, and then in his brain....more

Usher in the Holidays in Style: 5 Show-Stopping Party Dresses

I love celebrating the holidays, and every year I imagine having some sort of fancy party plans that would require me to wear a sassy dress and heels.With that in mind, I did some of the legwork for you ladies who have exciting party plans. These aren’t your run of the mill "throw a sweater over them and you can also wear them to work" kind of dresses; these are some total show-stoppers to usher in the holidays in style!...more

A New Year's Letter of Complaint and Capitulation

If I could write a letter to New Year’s Eve it would start:Little Time31/12/14London Dear NYE,I’m not angry at you, I’m just disappointed… ...more

You Don't Need New Year's Resolutions. January 1st is Just Another Day!

On the morning of January 1st,  I walked downstairs, made coffee, stood in the middle of our living room, and stared at our Christmas tree we so enthusiastically decorated the day after Thanksgiving. Are the holidays really over? Do we really have to put all of the decorations away? What are my resolutions? Why didn't I write them down this year? It's nice to see other people share their resolutions. It's great to see so many people wanting to better themselves. What's a better time to do it? After all, the prospect of a brand new year is encouraging....more

Starting Fresh… My 2015 Goals

The new year is the perfect time to start fresh…Put a blank cassette tape in the radio (I am totally dating myself but I used to make mix tapes.)Take out a fresh notebook (HomeGoods has a ton of these… totally need to get some.)Wear an outfit for the first time (I should totally go shopping this weekend.)...more