Letting Go

The New Year's Eve makes me sad. Last night as I watched the ball drop in New York, watched couples cheering and kissing in celebration, I felt a twinge of sadness. This night that marks the passing of another year reminds me how quickly my children are growing, how the days slip away. I want to hold on to those last ticks of the clock before the year turns over ... please slow time down. The poem below came at the right time for me. The speaker repeats the phrase, "oh stay, oh stay." But then, away, because time has no handles, reigns, or ropes to restrain it....more

Happy New Year!

Where 2010 was waiting for life to happen, may 2011 be consciously living it. Where 2010 was expecting something for nothing, may 2011 be empowerment and seizing control. Where 2010 was planning, may 2011 be doing. Where 2010 was caution, may 2011 be calculated risks. Where 2010 was fear, may 2011 be courage. May it be. Dawn Storey~ http://myalphabetsalad.blogspot.com~ http://fibreyarns.blogspot.com~ http://whywindsor.blogspot.com~ http://andiamoitaliano.blogspot.com ...more

A New Year and A New Set of Goals; Personal and Professional

Looking Back I am ready to leave 2010 behi...more

Amazing Things Can Happen!

We were surprised this past week to hear the familiar chirping of a Titmouse on the patio. After all, it has been very wintery with blustery rains and bitterly cold temperatures. Could this be one of a pair that has inhabited the same birdhouse in CiCi’s Garden for the past five years? ...more

What Are You Envisioning?

It's 6:43 p.m., New Year's Eve.Instead of tuning my guitar, I'm making toast.Instead of pulling music out for our New Year's Eve service, I'm fluffing a Pillow Pet, readying a video.My Boy is sick, and my place is here at home with him.I was struggling an hour and a half ago to write a New Year's Eve post.  Only I was having trouble, because I don't typically make a list of resolutions and outline a plan for accomplishment.  (Plus, my kids were watching WALL-E, and I felt like I was missing out.  Love that movie!  So I took a movie break, and now I'm ...more

New Year: Loving and Losing and Learning

So you see, whether you spend the new year with someone you love or alone, the story is never set. We love and we lose. We are in good company and we are alone. It is a cycle, and you never really know whether the sequence of events is good or not good –- not until you get to the end of the story. ...more

Marissa C.

I am over the whole....needing a date epidemic. I never really cared for it ...more

Happy New Year

I reckon it will be even happier if you ditch the resolutions.   You can pledge to eat only green foods. You can tell yourself you’ll find your soul mate, give up booze, lose three stone, take up martial arts and generally become a better person. You can do anything you want and you don’t need the clock to strike midnight to make it happen. Resolutions are commitments that set immovable parameters. They lead to guilt, failure, punishment, gruelling exercise regimes and 12 months of self-doubt....more

Ex-plore in the New Year

Wondering what to do in the New Year? Most of us want to try something different and we have high expectations of the changes we'll make....more

You Say You Want Some Resolutions

Happy Almost 2011!  Although nearly 365 days have passed, I’ve sadly still not learned the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne.  But, more importantly, I have discovered several dance moves from my little guy, learned what kudus eat, and worn the Groucho Marx glasses more often than I’d like to openly admit (see 2010 resolutions).  So then, onto this New Year’s resolutions:  1.  Have more days when Enlai and I sit on the sofa, just the two of us, and eat Pop Tarts, popsicles and popcorn and ...more

#5: I share your pain. I struggle with perfectionism, so , I understand completely.

#10: ...more

Dream BIG

Here's to finding YOUR joy in 2011 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ih_KBru6Co (1:16 sec)   Risa is a transition coach who helps wome...more