New Years Celebrations Or Desperations?

New Years Eve 2009! How exciting! What are our options? We can bring out the champagne, party hats, streamers, noise makers and fancy clothes in ...more

Happy New Year!

Here I am! A brand new year began while I was resting and I awoke to new sunshine, new vision, a while new life! I am determined to have a better year than last year! Not that last year was "bad" but this year will be better! Each year should be better than the last and we can build upon the year before. Hmmm sounds like a Bushism! LOL ...more

It was the day after Christmas


The dawn of a new year is usually the time when we think about how we would like for things to be in our lives, make resolutions for change, and then make plans for the future.  In some respects, it might be compared to spring cleaning in January - get rid of what you don't want in order to make room for what you do want. Step One:  Love Yourself ...more

Tips for the New Year -- Living with Multiple Sclerosis

As thoughts turn to resolutions for the new year, take the time to consider the little things which can make life easier. Don't hesitate to take the steps necessary to improve your quality of life. Remember, doing what is necessary to keep yourself independent will allow you to be LESS disabled.   1 - The Many Charms of a Folding Cane ...more

Take time to socialize when visiting with your elderly loved ones

Take Time To Socialize For many families, the holiday season marks one of the only times of year that all members can gather together to celebrate and enjoy each other's company. The portrait before and after this joyous time, however, is often far less picturesque for seniors living alone or far away from relatives. ...more

How Are Your 2008 Activist Resolutions Going?

At the end of December 2007, I posted about creating activist resolutions for the New Year based on Latoya Peterson's activist resolutions post on Racialicious. We're half way through 2008, so I thought I'd share how mine are going, and check in on yours. My resolutions were to: ...more

The chopstick goal hasn't gone so well due to my failure to remember chopsticks. However -- ...more

Mumbai's New Year shame: Attack on women throws spotlight on widespread problem

This is one New Year revelry that two women would want -- probably in vain -- to forget quickly. They were teased, pounced upon, had their clothes ripped, and molested by a throng of men on a main street outside a five-star hotel, chock-a-block with the New Year crowd, in the upscale Juhu area of the western Indian city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), home to Bollywood and the country's financial capital.  ...more

Miss SEAMS, I wonder if this has anything to do with the anonymity that cities offer. And the ...more

Get 2008 Organized!

Make your own family calendar to help you organize and plan for the year. Print out this one (it's free) and spend some time to plan out your entire year. ...more

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008, and a very Happy New Year to you! I'm spending New Year's Day my usual way: obsessively bringing things into present time. My contacts, calendars, home, music, etc... have all been going through this update for weeks now as I have been preparing to create in 2008. ...more