Happy New Year - How's your marriage?

As much as I love the holidays and the great excuse it gives me to celebrate, I am glad that they are over. The inside decorations are put away, I promise I'll take down the outside ones as soon as it stops raining, and I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at the office again (it was getting a little lonely)....more

It's a New Year: Forget What is Behind

It is a new year, full of hope and promise. You and I have a blank canvas ahead of us. But sometimes that can be intimidating. I remember being in art class, not the most artistic soul in the world. Being asked by the teacher to create, made me freeze with brush or pencil in hand. Sometimes I feel the same way with all the talk of goal setting when the new year approaches. My mind goes blank or fear sets in. ...more

New Year, New Beginning....

It's the new year so a new beginning and god knows I need it. I'm new to blogging also but it's more of a therapeutic thing than anything else but any hints and tips are greatly appreciated. First of all, I'm five months pregnant so health and well being is something I intend to pick up on. My initial thoughts were to start climbing again as soon as I'm able to, get more hobbies, and enjoy better food and drink (but less of it!). I'm going to stop drinking 90 cups of instant coffee a day and go for the odd cup of more gourmet stuff....more

Let's welcome 2015


Good... Morning?

It's 10:47am. It's technically still morning. But I've been up since 7ish. This is a true confession blog post. Ready? Ahem. ...more

What's your 100 for 2015?

 This is the third year of my ...more
This is great! Having the number makes all the difference.  Each year I pick one word, and my ...more

Auld Lang Syne to The Rocking Chair

 One of my earliest memories, I couldn’t have been a year old, is of my father and a rocking chair. I remember staring up at his face in the dark of my nursery, the room with the circus animal border. I can almost feel the rhythmic creaking of the wicker beneath our weight; the steady pitch and sway.Rock, rock, rock.And if I really focus, in the rafters of my memory, I can hear his hushed lullaby.“Swing low, sweet chariot..”...more

Embracing The New Year And The Past

 The New Year is here, and I’m so ready for it.  The excitement that comes with new opportunities and boundless hopes gives everyone a surge of energy to begin the year....more

10 Trends From 2014 I Didn't Jump On

Most of 2014's trends were fitness trends, which means this post was originally titled 150 Trends from 2014 I Didn't Jump On. Instead, I capped it at 10, because the internet likes that. And in the interest of a fair and balanced review, I kept my exercise hating tendency in check. So, here are the Trends from 2014 that left me, meh....more