Waiting for spring...2013 is on the way out the door and I find myself in an odd restless state of waiting. Waiting... for something....more

5 Different Ways to Usher In the New Year with Perfume

Chiming in the New Year can be best enjoyed with a perfume which will help you save the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime night as well as add sparkle or intrigue to your reveller's attitude.I am proposing a list of fragrances that illustrate well 5 themes and states of mind that can be seen as symbolic of the last night of the year....more

New Rules for the New Year

We recently purchased these “Kids Rules” at Home Goods.  We thought it would be a great addition to the kids’ play room. Now if you know anything about us, you will understand why it’s still on the floor (it takes us forever to get things done).The other day I was looking at it, and I started to think about each of the rules listed.  Clearly, these aren’t just rules for kids.  These are rules we all need to live by.  I started to ask myself if I am living by these rules.  Am I living the way I want my children to live?...more

What Security Challenges to Focus on in the New Year

In 2012, security challenges we faced were often the ribbon cuttings and business plans that startup criminal organizations launched. In 2013, those criminal enterprise business plans will come together—and we need to be ready....more

New Year, New Sex Life?

Taken from my fave blog at    http://www.centerforfemalesexuality.com/blog/ I love New Year’s Resolution time.For a limited period, people feel comfortable sharing their hopes and dreams for the coming year.  Whereas during the rest of the year people may feel inhibited in discussing their introspective feelings, during New Year’s Resolution time it seems more popular to talk like Oprah....more
so true....i feel like with my sexual issues i can't just will them to go away because its a new ...more

New year....new resolutions

The new year is upon us and before I know it summer will be here. I don't want to look back and say I should have or could have done at least one resolution. This year I decided to make resolutions that deal with faith. Recently my walk with God is growing. I find myself wanting to do and learn more. Resolution number one is join a bible study. Next Wednesday night that is what I am doing. Bonus is two women I know are in this particular bible study so I will be held accountable! No excuses. Resolution number two is saving money....more

A New Chapter

I'm a college student!!  I'm still in shock myself.  I can't believe that at the age of fifty, I'm a college freshman.The first day of walking around campus was surreal.  I had the college uniform down pat with my hoodie and jeans but my white streaks in my hair definitely differentiated me from the majority of the other students! ...more

2013, A NEW YEAR!!

Wow, another year gone by already! What will 2013 bring? I always try to make resolutions and seem to have issues staying true to them. This year I want to try harder! I am only going to have a few this year so I have a better chance at carrying them out. I am going to try to improve my eating habits, get organized, and try to spend more quality time with my kids. It is now the 5th and so far I quit drinking pop and am drinking more water. I am still not drinking enough...but more than last year ;) Baby steps ;) On the organized part, so far I am doing great....more

Fashion & Beauty Resolutions for 2013

Today I guest posted over on Lauren's blog, Fizz and Frosting, about my beauty and fashion resolutions for 2013. You can read the article here- a sneak peek is below!      ...more

2013 Resolutions - The Relaxed Way

 I read an article the other day from the Editor-in-Chief, Jill Herzig of the magazine, Redbook. She titled it, "Relax your Resolutions". What a great idea. Why didn't I think of it? ...more