Dr. Romance Happiness Tip: A Year of Peace

Dr. Romance writes:Happy New Year, everyone!  This is the time when a lot of energy is spent on making resolutions, most of which we don’t manage to keep. So, this year, especially given recent tragic events,  I propose a different kind of resolution. Will you join me in resolving to create a year of peace?...more

Making Resolutions Last: Pick One Thing

Resolutions. It’s that time again.I always get really inspired at the turn of the new year. This year I will be smarter, I think, more organized, more efficient, more creative. I will be faster, stronger, more dedicated. I will get better. At everything.Riiight. I’ll suddenly have an extra 10 hours in every day too, right?...more

Time to get Organized

Happy New Year Lovelies! If you weren't aware 2012 has come and gone. Sometimes I get the Christmas blues and feel sad that I have to take down all the pretty decorations, start focusing on saving all my money back up, no more fun time off of work.. yada yada.. BUT I don't want to get the blues this year. I have so much to be thankful for and I'm going to focus on the positives; besides Christmas will be here again next year, right?! Only 363 more days! I said before that I don't make new year resolutions....more

Looking Back at 2012, Moving Forward to 2013

I can't believe 2012 is coming to an end. It sounds cliche, but the time flew! When I look back at my last blog post for the end of 2011 I realize how anxious I was to bring on a new year. 2011 had its own challenges so I was happily looking forward to starting anew. That's the thing about blogging, it keeps me accountable to my own life, and my own words. In reviewing 2012, I can honestly say it was better than 2011, it many ways, but it was not as good as I hoped it would be....more

New Year -- New You

As this new year begins,  are you looking forward to 2013? Are you preparing for new challenges and setting new goals for yourself? Believe me, I know how the holidays can promote stress and anxiety, but I’m maintaining a positive attitude, anticipating my opponent’s moves in 2013, and preparing and planning for my next move. You, too, can enjoy the holidays while anticipating and planning for a more positive, productive and prosperous new year....more

New Year, New Hope

I've been sitting here for a couple of hours contemplating what to write about 2012. How can I possibly convey in words what that year has meant for me and for my family?There is a quote that instantly springs to mind, and I feel that it is more fitting in my life now than it has ever been before....more

New Moment in Time

New Moment in TimeI hear of people making these things called “New Year’s Resolutions”. They are the things they want to do differently with another new year of life. They want to quit something, or start something, or finish something, or heal something, or be something. So, they wait for a new year to do their “something”… the fresh smell of the new year is the motivation they need to make a change....more

Happy New Year!

Here it is New Years Eve – Thomas and I are at home watching movies and spending the last of the holiday together.  Tomorrow is the New Year!  2013 already – again I wonder where does the time go?  It just speeds by so fast!!...more
Happy New Year everyone!more

2013 is Here to Stay

Another New Year.  We made it, despite the ominous predictions of the Mayans and challenges that seemed insurmountable. We have a whole year to put four new numbers at the end of every month and day -- 2013 is here to stay....more

New Year's Resolutions: My Family's Story of Torture

In two days on Christmas 2012 I'll be at my moms house. Me and my family will do the customary exchange of gifts, eat a fabulous dinner and finish with dessert: left over cookies and cakes served the night before at my cousins house. Everyone is relaxed. The stress of shopping, wrapping, hiding presents is over. After two days of celebrating Christmas Eve and Day, we're all kind of talked out. I have the kind of family that can endure silence. Small talk. We watch the kids play with there presents which tire us out. Round two of eating commences....more