My "New Year"

NaBloPoMo Writing Prompt for January 5, 2012: Do you wish the start of the year was in a different season? Which one? Ever since I can remember, September has always felt like the start of my new year... much more so than January ever does. ...more

Maria and Me

If I could show anyone my list of 2012 possibilities, I'd choose Julie Andrews. In her Sound of Music costume.      Surely Maria, a flibbertijibbet, a will-o'-the wisp, a clown like myself would comprehend why I abhor resolutions. How they remind me of jail, all striped vestments and fetters.     I bet she'd bring her guitar and when she opened the case it would be empty but the aqua satin lining would dazzle me. I'd gawk at the luxe beauty of it....more
@victorias_view I THOUGHT I responded to this. Must have forgotten to click Post Comment. I know ...more

New Year, New Me

 My original draft of this weekends column included a look back on the year 2011 in the food world as well as a festive cocktail and appetizer.  It is a new year, after all. What else would a self professed Foodie write about on  around New Years?  This year I am going against the grain here and forgoing this well traveled route. ...more

I'm going to NaBloPoMo! Will you join me?

For those of you wondering what NaBloPoMo stands for, it means National Blog Post Month. NaBloPoMo encourages bloggers to blog a post a day for an entire month. It is a great way to get the creative juices flowing and discover things about ourselves that we may have overlooked in our normal day to day or topical writings.I've decided to join this months NaBloPoMo in connection with I figure what a better way to kick off the new beginning of Cellar Door Beauty than a post a day!Today's topic?...more

A Surprising and Tree-mendous Decision

One of my dear friends and I have a tradition of coming up with a word for the new year. It's kind of like a guiding principle that over-arches what we'd like to accomplish in the coming months. We share it with each other and then spend the rest of the year using it to remind and encourage each other through whatever life decides to toss our way. It's a comforting ritual and a useful one, too. Two years ago, hers was "Health", mine was "Embrace the Hotness". Last year hers was "Action", mine was "Clarity"....more

Not A New Year Resolution

Let's be clear. This is not a New Year resolution post. It might have some in common, ok, a LOT in common with one. But it isn't one. It's clever that way, and that's why it's going to work. I'm going to sneak up on those life changes and they'll never see it coming. Shhhhh!I guess what I'm trying to say I don't want to make changes just because 2012 happens to be at the top of the calendar now. I don't see a lot of value in evaluating your life once a year then trying to fix all the things you've discovered you've neglected....more

Being Brilliant

Happy New Year! I had a great, relaxing New Year's Eve celebration with some friends last night/ early this morning, and felt nothing but joy upon entering into 2012....more

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year !   ...more


With just a few hours left in 2011, I've been sitting here thinking about my resolutions for 2012. I can say with all sincerity, that I am so ready for 2011 to be over. Without a doubt, worst year ever. So goodbye to 2011. Don't let the door hit ya...well, you know the rest....more

It's 2012 and I have a holiday hangover

This is our last day of bubble-dom. I hope you are enjoying your day! @SunbonnetSmart.commore