In 2014, I won't...

debtherapy Thank you so much, Deb! I appreciate you reading. Happy New Year!more

Alternative holiday dinners to try this New Year's: Stew soiree

Because Fondue Night, the first alternative holiday dinner posted, was, admittedly, a bit more involved and probably better-suited to the seasoned host or hostess.To go the complete opposite direction, this alternative dinner is low maintenance and (just about) carefree! Stew Soiree is a holiday feast inspired by comfort food, as well as living on a budget.Since turkey dinners are, to me at least, one of the ultimate comfort foods, this alternative aims to replicate that warm, cozy feeling with an equally hearty meal....more

Missing New Year's Eve: Things I Didn't Understand Before I was a Parent

It wasn't until my friends started having children that I was around babies. As a self proclaimed DINK (double income no kid) woman in her late twenties, babies and motherhood were entirely foreign to me. This doesn't mean I was uncaring. I feel I did a pretty good job at participating in my friends' new stage in life; listening to how they were doing, fawning over baby pictures, and filling them in on my how I too was tired, what with trying to fit a yoga class in before drinks with the girls and all. ...more
@carrien thank you for your additions! I have started inviting friends over for 'dessert' as I ...more

Who Doesn't Love a Good Challenge?

Happy New Year, everyone!I was tempted to ride the resolution bandwagon for a hot second, but then I remembered I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, so my first blog post of 2013 will not be about that.But I decided I still needed a challenge to kick off the year (cause, ya know, trying to run my own business and figuring out taxes isn't challenging enough).To see the rest of my post and the challenge I have set forth for myself for the year, click here...more

Reflections on a year of clarity

For many of us New Year's Eve provides that time of year for looking back on the past year before looking forward to the next. For me, the last year has been all about seeing things more clearly. Learning to move in life’s sweet spot, which is what this blog is all about, has required lots of moments of clarity. And those moments have felt a bit like walking outside on a sunny day when it’s just snowed. The world is bright and glittery and so very beautiful, but the longer you stare at it, the more the view starts to hurt your eyes. Seeing clearly isn’t always pleasant....more

Backing Away From the Fiscal Cliff

Like most kids, mine are largely oblivious to what is going on in the world. As long as they have clothes on their backs, food in their stomachs, and well-charged cell phones, they’re pretty much good to go. Continue......more

Backwards and Forwards

Like many people, I get reflective at the end of the year. I look back on the year that was and think about what I hope the New Year will be… Have you ever read one of you blog posts a year later? Well, I just did. ...more
@HomeRearedChef I hope that 2013 is an amazing year for you too... you really deserve it!  It is ...more

Resolutions Be Damned

At 9:20 this morning, I considered making a New Year's resolution.At 9:21, my diaphragm quivered. A sheen of sweat broke out over my upper lip.At 9:22, I vomited a little into the back of my mouth.At 9:23, I swigged some Pepto-Bismol and returned to bed.This, at the mere thought of self-betterment.At 11:30, slurping my coffee, I resolved to greet this New Year just as I did the last.I renounce any change that could result, no matter how minutely or indirectly, in personal growth....more

Unencumbered Perspective

I liked the post on Periphery so much, that I decided I should have a year of the "word" myself.  I spent a good part of today letting words bounce off the walls in the back of my mind.  I had a good start because of what I read in the comment section of S.'s post.  I thought about words like 'freedom' and 'change' and 'health', but they all kind of felt like resolutions.  Because I have a tendency to get inside my own head and go a little crazy, I started thi...more

Ask A Scientist: Hangover Cures

Question: “It’s been a hard holiday season on Mr. Liver.  Is there anything I can eat or drink to cure a hangover that ACTUALLY works?” -Rupert J  Brooklyn...more