Train your brain to keep your resolutions!

If you've struggled to keep your New Year's resolutions in the past, perhaps it's time to try a new approach. I ran across this article about making your resolutions stick in 2015 and it had some good tips. ...more

2014: Year in Review

I know I’m a couple of days late to the 2014 Recap post. It’s been a busy month and I’m just starting to wind down from all the holiday craziness. I wanted to take some time to reflect on the year’s events....more


I’ll be honest with you, this has not been the easiest post to write. Since it’s been so difficult to write, I’m keeping it short.After losing my dad, suffering a mental breakdown, cutting ties with a close friend and making some serious life changes – it took one quote to pull me out of the wordless abyss and trigger what 2015 is all about....more
This is inspiring. I pick one word each year to mediate on, and this year it is "embark."  I'm ...more

New Year of writing

 The New Year is here and time for a checkup.  Spiritually, mentally, physically.  I like new starts.  The start of a school year.  The start of a good book.  The New Year.   Here’s to a great start on a new blog....more

How to Create a Successful New Year Plan

Do you have a plan laid out for the new year? Do you know your priorities and goals? Even though it may change throughout the year, I think it is vital to start the new year with a plan in place. This is the process I use to make a plan for the new year. ...more

Weekly Wellness Challenge: Make Room for the New Year!

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8 Pinterest Promises to Get You Through the Holidays

It took me years to collect all of the essential cookbooks that a respectable kitchen ought to have. I’m talking about Julia Child’s, Moosewood, Joy of Cooking, Fanny Farmer. You know, the classics. After I became married, mortgaged, and with children it fell to me to create the magic of the holiday season. Since I am no wizard, I often turn to Martha Stewart, my pile of cookbooks, and Pinot Noir to make our holiday merry and bright. But then Pinterest happened. And now my holidays are a crapshoot. Don’t I know about elaborate scenes for Elf on the Shelf? Aren’t I making stocking stuffers out of Nutella or toilet paper rolls? Why am I not recreating the nativity scene with fondant and fermented bean curd? ...more
Ditto...I can't do it all. So, I shouldn't. But, sometimes when I scroll through Pinterest I get ...more

Winding this Week Up

I cannot be the only one…who is very excited to put this past week behind them.  It has felt like nothing but holidays, holidays, holidays the past couple of weeks, and as lovely as it has been I am ready for the good old hum-drum of the work week. ...more

No year like a new year

 I hope all of you had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.I won’t go as far as the priest we had for Mass this morning who said something about anyone who needed ice packs…I think he was revealing too much of his age!Jim had the girls out for a good walk this morning and is up playing his guitar.The girls are curled up peacefully sleeping and I have a pot of home-made applesauce on the stove. Our dinner today will be the traditional pork,sauerkraut,potatoes and applesauce.We need all the luck we can generate with our move this year....more