Winding this Week Up

I cannot be the only one…who is very excited to put this past week behind them.  It has felt like nothing but holidays, holidays, holidays the past couple of weeks, and as lovely as it has been I am ready for the good old hum-drum of the work week. ...more

No year like a new year

 I hope all of you had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.I won’t go as far as the priest we had for Mass this morning who said something about anyone who needed ice packs…I think he was revealing too much of his age!Jim had the girls out for a good walk this morning and is up playing his guitar.The girls are curled up peacefully sleeping and I have a pot of home-made applesauce on the stove. Our dinner today will be the traditional pork,sauerkraut,potatoes and applesauce.We need all the luck we can generate with our move this year....more

A New Year’s Evolution

It’s January 1, 2014.  Every year at this time we Snowbirds are on the road to our southern digs, so after a day’s travel, even on New Year’s Eve, we weary road-warriors hit the pillows early.  (I missed the ball drop by about 2 1/2 hours.)  In this mid-priced freeway-motel-with-breakfast (a waffle machine, oatmeal packets, yogurt, juice, sporadic fresh fruit, and traditionally lousy coffee), New Year’s Eve is just another night....more

Off to Thailand and Myanmar (Burma)

 Happy New Year! We will be on our way to Bangkok on New Years eve and day. We spend 2 days in Bangkok, then fly to Mandalay for a river cruise down Myanmar to Yangon (used to be Rangoon) Then back to Bangkok. I was involved in a yearly college weekend where all the foriegn students from then Burma, gathered for cultural events. I learned Burmese dancing.  I've  had a love for the country ever since. This is my first trip. It will be a good experince to be in a mostly Buddhist country and learn about that. ...more

Looking Forward

I cannot be the only one…who feels like they have been wrapping (and unwrapping…pun intended) this past week up for days now.  A holiday in the middle of the week, mixed with cookies and cocktails, can throw a Mama off her game.  I have offered reflections of this Christmas, our attempt to find the perfect balance in the right amount of time spent with everyone and the need to nap in order to recover ...more

3 Leadership Resolutions Business Owners Need in 2014

Just as your friends and family are making their resolutions to wake up earlier, get a little exercise every day, and to eat out less, you are making your resolutions for how to better run your business next year. Much of running a business shows in how you lead your team. Without a solid, happy, and engaged team behind you, running a business can prove to be a near impossible task.Kick off 2014 with an army of employees behind you, ready to charge the New Year and boost your business with these three resolutions!Pay attention to the little things. ...more
Great post, Deborah! I especially like #3 because empathy is definitely one of the key qualities ...more

Slow Cooker Black Eyed Peas and Ham Soup


A New Year of Fail Won't Hold Me Back

It is January the fourth.I set out a bunch of resolutions and have not yet followed one of them.I have, however,- eaten all the Christmas goodies- eaten a large bag of Cheetohs- stayed up too late reading trashy Tumblr blogs- freaked out about my writing projects- yelled at my kids- loved my kids- played with my kids- freaked out that grad school starts on Monday. Starts. On. Monday....more