Straight Forward Hair

“Oscar Blandi Makes Waves with Jessica Biel”Photo credit www.cristinahh.wordpress.comStop splitting hairs with your stylist.  Try this season’s hottest trend at home....more

A New Year's Eve to cherish

"So," my co-worker Nancy said as I was packing up at the end of my editing shift yesterday, "what are your plans for New Year's Eve?" "Well," I said with a deliberate pause, "I'm having dinner tonight with five women." She looked up from her computer monitor and smiled. "I'm not even going to ask." "Oh, it's not what you think," I replied. ...more

Cavemen somehow got involved with New Year's Eve

Well as you already know, I was a bit tardy over the Christmas period when it came to posting on my blog. It wasn't my fault though. Because I spent my holiday 'oop' North, I was deprived of all the creature comforts that you take for granted down South. Like warm weather, and being able to understand people's accents, and internet access.  ...more

Back to Oxford, back to civilisation .... apart from Naughty George honking

Hello Dahlink, I am so sorry that I haven't been around for most of the Christmas period. I was like a flitting social butterfly, spending most of my Christmas and New Year flapping between northern cities beginning with 'L'. My last post talked about me leaving Leeds at Christmas, and then I went back to Oxford for a day or two, after which I left for Loughborough to celebrate New Year. ...more

New Year's Traditions or Superstitions???

  What to Eat, What to Wear & What to Do for Good Luck & Prosperity.  New Year's Eve traditions and superstitions have been a part of celebrations in all cultures since the beginning of time. Every country and culture has it's own unique routines and charms to influence the incoming year....more

in filipino culture alone, there are lots of new year traditions that are being followed but its ...more

Sparkling Wine, a Brilliant Friend and Groovy Strawberries

This week has been all about our holiday party. There was:...more

fashion: some sort of dick'n rock'n dickie eve

Well, it's finally happened. In all the hustle and bustle of cursing the very name of Barnes & Noble for cancelling my online order finalizing our gifts for family and friends, it's finally happened. We've been invited to more than one New Year's Eve party.   Gah, it's rough being so popular....more

New Years Eve!

      Well, it is New Years Eve, I am still in the process of trying to figure out this blog.  I started two other blogs as well. I really want to get these up and really going.  What is going on in your New Years Day?  Mine is just a whatever day, the husband is watching OU play football and is all upset because they don't look to good.  We have been pretty upset with them all season, but next year will be all new and the season will be great....more

AskPatty Top 10 Automotive News Stories in 2009

We all love a good Top 10 List so for New Year's Eve I wanted to highlight and reminisce on the top automotive stories of 2009. It was a brutal year for the auto industry however there are signs of recovery and hope that 2010 brings in a more prosperous year for car makers and the automotive sector in general....more

My New Year's Toast for You

Here's my little New Years toast for all mothers of teenage girls  May your smiles number many, your misfortunes remain few; may total minutes stay within your family plan. May vodka bottles go untouched (that is unless, of course, by you) and may your daughter not crack up your minivan. Let's hope your precious debit card, never once will leave your sight; may all young suitors remain blissfully at bay. ...more

Parenting teens is an art within itself.  When the drama queens emerge, do you comment?  Do ...more