This year I will lose weight

Today's resolution is one I'm sure everyone can relate to. I've struggled with my weight for the past few years. I gained a significant amount while unhappy in a relationship in college, lost almost 30 pounds working at Walt Disney World, and then gained back that weight and then some since having Maisy....more

The Anti New Year’s Resolution

I have found that selecting one word each year is helpful. I orient my specific, measurable ...more

10 Ways to Return to Joy in 2014 (part 1)

Anticipation. We hang on its wing. Expectant. Maybe even border on the edge of giddiness. Our shoulders straighten. Our chins lift. We’re ready. Bring. It. On....more

Dear Holiday Weight Gain

After a holiday hiatus, this week I am back to healthy eating and exercise. ...more

Could You Go a Year Without New Clothes or Cosmetics?

[How many of you made resolutions to spend less or consume less in 2014? Morra's done it twice -- read on for her plan for how to go without new clothes and cosmetics and check out the link to BlogHer News Section Editor Grace Hwang Lynch's own similar experiment. - Rita] ...more
This is my second time around too. 2012 was the first year I gave up shopping. And I'm trying ...more

New Year, New Expectations

In a couple of hours, we will journey into the year of 2013. On New Year's Eve, most people are out partying and celebrating a New Year to come; some however, may prefer to have small celebrations at home with loved ones. But how many of you are actually taking a few minutes to look back at the events that have occurred in your life this past year? If you are not at the moment, I can tell you that I am doing a review of 2012 in my head right now, as we speak....more

The Secret to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss in the New Year

 For many people, January is the most important month of each year. It is the month when most of us feel renewed, refreshed and full of hope and promise. It is also the month during which people start working towards their goals to lose weight, get healthy and become physically fit. Unfortunately, without proper planning and foresight about 90% of these goals result in failure and this usually occurs by January 31st. If you have resolved to lose weight in 2013, here are three tips for making your weight loss a success, permanently:...more

Make A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

You know your usual litany of New Year’s resolutions: “This year I’m gonna lose 5 – 10 -50 pounds. This year I swear I’ll get to the gym at least twice a week. This year I absolutely positively will not spend past my credit limit. This year I swear I’ll never have another ginger Martini (given the consequences of your last bout with said delectable beverage).It’s your standard January 1 list most years – and it’s a great list!...more

Pens and Writing

Did you ever write in-between the ruled lines? Or write vertically? A friend once bought me a Fisher Space Pen that wrote underwater or with its point facing the ceiling. It was purported to be used in outer space—the writing implement of the astronauts. Probably also used by deep sea divers....more