The little things

   A lot of words describe my dad, but ‘domestic’ is not one of them. My mother, the saint that she is, takes on all the household work, save barbecuing (not because she can’t, but to appease my dad’s ego). I was reminded of this charming quality of my father’s during a trip to the grocery store....more


End of the year is the busiest time for our family: 2 birthdays, wedding anniversary, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This year I decided to take a small break after the holidays while I was sorting through all our things, cleaning out closets and getting rid of so many unused things that we have somehow ended up with over the years. Although our house is still looking more like a disaster area it will be nice to have a fresh start with no clutter....more

How to be a better me in 2014, aka New Years resolutions

Let’s make New Year’s resolutions, shall we?I actually made a New Year’s resolutions Excel spreadsheet with (literally) 10 tabs, which I’m now writing out on paper to store in my side table. It’s a little Oprah, self-help-y, but I want to be reminded of my goals everyday so as to not lose sight of them....more

One Word for 2014. Some goals, and my top posts and blogs from 2013.

I had actually already thought about my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 when I read She Loves Magazine’s One Word idea for the year.  I’ve decided to combine this with Mama Kat’s writing prompts, and add in my top 12 blog posts from 2013 and to talk about some Resolutions, or anti-resolutions if you will.Here’s what I love about this one-word idea, to get myself back on track....more

Happy New Year, Fatty!

What My Fakebook Status Says: I Love reading all of the Happy New Year Facebook Status Updates, and looking at everyone’s pictures from their New Year’s Eve parties!What I really mean: Happy New Year to all of you, too! Now shut the hell up already about resolutions and long lines at your gym!Read this gem of a status update posted by one of my Facebook Friends:  ...more

Science Can Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

I declared on Twitter that my New Year's resolution would be 1920x1200. Clever as I thought my nerd humour was, it would appear that this was a bit of a recurring joke among nerd tweeps and just proved once again that there is no original thought. ...more
I tried flossing one tooth last night. I messed up big time and flossed all my teeth.more

PLUS SIZE SEX- New Years Resolutions for the Big Girl

New Years Resolutions are a great excuse to relaunch your sex life. If you're a big girl who lost her curvy confidence between the sheets then now's the time to make your list of super sized sex goals for the new year and get back on the horse.Let me tell you, if you're standing naked in front of your fella ready for action he is NOT focusing on your flaws. All he see's are your sexy curves and wanting every inch of you....more

Making Resolutions Stick

I love the opportunity to start over fresh. Whether it be a new day, new week, new job, we are constantly presented with the choice to change our attitudes and our lives. Now, a new year is right around the corner. Millions of Americans will jump on the opportunity to start over with New Year's Resolutions.And I'm all for it! I'll make a few resolutions of my own as well. Most of those Americans will probably fail at their resolutions before January is even over. Some will make it to February, but very few will go much further....more

Happy New Year! My New Years Resolutions for 2013

Wow – the holidays have flown by this year. Actually, this whole year has really gone by in the blink of an eye. I feel like the last year of my life has been all about changing for the positive. I quit my job and started a consulting firm. I got married to the love of my life and had a beautiful baby boy. And amongst all of these tangible life changes, I learned a lot about life, love and relationships....more

Intentions, not Resolutions

I sort of have mixed feelings on the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. I find the “All or Nothing”-ness of them a bit off-putting. However, I do think that the start of a new year is a great time to take stock of your life, and think about the things you would like to change or improve. I have a few of these, myself… not absolute “resolutions” exactly, but small changes I would like to work on implementing in my daily life....more
I like the idea of intentions. :)more