Taking the bus to work

I never really thought of myself as a public transportation kind of gal. Oh right, I speak fluent Metro in Paris to be one with the natives. But as far as taking the bus…in my own city? I’ve got an automobile for that purpose not to mention taxi and town car services on speed dial. ...more

Get Clear on Your 2009 Financial Goals

I started off the year writing about why our New Year's Resolutions often fail. That doesn't have to be the case - you CAN do it different this year. When it comes to money, one of the reasons we often fall short of our financial goals is that we are not clear. If you're not clear on what you want, why you want it, and what steps you are going to take to get there then you are simply hanging out in the wading pool of wishful thinking. Can you answer the following questions about your finances: ...more

Thank you both for the great "getting organized" tips. I have a multi folder ...more

How To Stop Wasting Food

This year I'm trying to trick myself into keeping my New Year's Resolutions by calling them "goals", instead.  One thing I'm trying to do is reduce the amount of food that I allow to spoil in my fridge.  I'm writing down everything I throw away.  Here's the full post about it ...more

Why Do Our New Year's Resolutions Often Fizzle?

It's that time year again where with hearts full of inspiration and hope millions of people sit down and make a list of New Year's Resolutions. We fire up the engines and charge head first into a fresh start, a clean slate, a New Year, and it will be different this time gosh darnnit! However, as usual there is a big ole deja vu sitting just around the bend waiting for us to slip up, fail, and give up once again. Then we try it all over again next year. ...more

Nice thoughts on resolutions! I've never been a big resolver of things on the new year, but I ...more

Set Goals, Make Friends in the Process: Announcing Accountability Girlfriends

Just in time for New Year's Resolutions, I've started a new network called Accountability Girlfriends. If you've been tempted to not even bother setting goals this year, think again. Maybe you just need a cheerleading team to encourage you and push you a bit. This new social network will give you the chance to set goals and share them with other women. We'll all help keep you accountable so that you can make more happen in your life. ...more

Jumping off the busy treadmill!

In Australia we are a couple of weeks into the summer holidays. The first weeks of the holidays area always traditionally busy with catch ups before Christmas, Christmas and all its festivities, which is then quickly follwed by New Year's Celebrations. As I sat down to plan some activities for my family for the remainder of the holidays, I ponder ed the thought of the busyness of life and how I need to take these moments to make sure that we are NOT "busy" for the remainder of the holidays. ...more

New Law Takes Effect January 1, 2008 - Don't smoke in cars with kids

California is now the third state in the nation to ban smoking in the car with minors. The new law imposes a fine of up to $100 for smoking a pipe, cigar or cigarette in a motor vehicle with another person 17 or younger. The infraction is a secondary offense, meaning you can be fined for it only if you're stopped on suspicion of another, more serious offense. And the fine applies regardless of whether the car is moving. ...more

Both my parents smoked constantly and I suffered through many smoky car trips. It was disgusting ...more

New Years Resolution My Way

Considering how exited we are about New Years Resolutions and the important promises we make to ourselves, at the last moments of an old year, I have come to the conclusion to start a new tradition for this day. A "NO SETTING ANY KIND OF GOALS DAY" Why? Because for such a long time, this day has been looked forward to with mixed emotions. What resolutions should I make? Will I keep them? Will I disappoint myself again? Drop it! Any day, every day is an opportunity to start over. Assigning a day to Resolutions only did one thing: Make you feel bad about yourself! ...more