Beauty Talk: Health Labels on Beauty Products

In 2008 New York introduced a mandate requiring fast food establishments to add calorie labels to their menus in an attempt to prevent us from growing massive muffin tops and half ton J-Lo’s. According to the assistant city commissioner’s findings, the labels are working. Ignorance sure is bliss, but when faced with the truth (e.g....more

Falling Whistles Event

Did you that in some countries, children are being used as human shields? Sean Carasso contacted me and he was in the Congo last year and ended up in the warzone. He discovered an illegal prison for kids where the kids were being used as HUMAN SHIELDS to protect the soldiers at war....more

Finding My Way In An Economic Downturn

By Guest Blogger, Tamara Arbeiter I was recently laid off from my job. The Record of Employment I just received in the mail stated “Economic reasons” for my departure.  As company policy goes, I was asked to leave immediately.  Comforted only by the fact that a handful of very senior executives were also laid off that day, I packed up my desk, grabbed my kids’ photos and artwork and left, without time for goodbyes....more

Tamara, one of the best things about being a woman who has had a successful career and who ...more

An excellent restaurant to hang out!!

Ok...I know I am a foodie and have travelled quite a bit and been to lot many places but the one city which is always an extension of mine is undoubtedly New York. I am proud to wear my Nike NY cap and cheer my Basketball team without fail. I have been to almost all the food joints, restaurants, pubs and bars located in Manhattan and I must say they all are pretty good considering this age of twittering and Face book wherein if you fail once your name pops up on all the social networking websites with negative comments....more

Scozzafava Quits Race; Conservatives Send Message to GOP

 Dede Scozzafava, the ACORN-backed, WFP-supported Republican nominee to Re. McHugh in New York's 23rd District, suspended her campaign today amid high negative numbers and lagging support....more

So much for Tea Party / Loesch influence, eh? The voters went the OPPOSITE direction ...more

Nanette Lepore, Samanta Cortes, lead fight to save NYC's Garment District

Some WVFC readers might remember a Nanette Lepore fashion catwalk we embedded last year, for one of our Pat Allen's posts; the very last dress in it, after all the signature Lepore pieces, was a T-shirt saying simply: SAVE THE GARMENT CENTE...more

Hillary Clinton, Gary Sinise, Gavin DeGraw and Others Commemorate Service on 9/11

Last night at the Beacon Theatre in New York, there was a tribute to commemorate the designation of September 11 as an annually observed National Day of Service and Remembrance, as proclaimed by President Barack Obama.  Co-hosted by MyGoodDeed and Service Nation, the evening was a mix of speeches and entertainment. There were musical numbers by singer Anjulie, The Harlem Boys and Girls Club Alumni Choir, John Ondrasik, a rousing number by The Roots and a performance by Gavin DeGraw.  In the audience were 9/11 families, members of service organizations, uniformed firefighters and soldiers. ...more

Hi Maria,

Yes it was incredibly moving.

Like you I hope that the words turn into ...more

Tribute to Sheila Lukins, Founder of The Silver Palate

I was traveling this past Monday so missed the news of the passing of Sheila Lukins on August 30, 2009 at age 66 of brain cancer. My husband Marc said,"you should write something about Sheila since the Silver Palate was such a part of our lives together in the late 70's and early 80's in New York." I looked at him intently and thought how right he was. We 'grew up' with Sheila and her partner Julee's The Silver Palate when we moved in together in Manhattan in 1980. ...more

Survival and More: Mary Jo Buttafuoco

by Chris Lombardi ...more

Who the hell blows in someone’s ear anymore?

Dear Faye, ...more