A Conversation with Elisabeth Moss on Going from Screen to Stage, Feminism and the End of 'Mad Men'

The Heidi Chronicles is a play that was written in 1988 by the legendry, now-deceased playwright Wendy Wasserstein. It traces 25 years in a woman named Heidi’s life, starting with her days as a teenager in high school and then at Yale, studying art history, graduate school in Chicago, and finally life as a adult in New York City where she ends up living amongst the people who spanned the course of her life.   ...more

Park Avenue Restaurant Gets a Makeover

Restaurateur Michael Stillman recently re-opened his Park Avenue restaurant in Flatiron, on 26th and Park. The fine dining establishment is well known for its changing décor, menu and name each season. Right now, it’s Park Avenue Autumn.The dining room is less formal than its previous incarnation on the Upper East Side. The expansive location boasts soaring ceilings and is currently decorated with fall foliage....more

#WomensLives: Chef Amanda Cohen is Keeping it Real(ly delicious)

Photos by Brent Herrig Photography...more

Common Ground: My Farm and New York City...

Over the years, I have made a couple of trips to New York City to visit college friends as well as to do some volunteer promotion work for the Beef Check Off.  My perspective of the world broadens a bit every time that I venture into the Big Apple as it is incredibly different from my family’s farm in Nebraska....more

See: Andy Warhol: At Face Value

n New York City, you can get up close and personal with Andy Warhol's art.-PJ Gach...more

Taylor Swift Representin' New Yawk Is Some B@lls**t

WTF? 8 months in a 20 million dollar spot in downtown Manhattan and now Taylor Swift represents New Yawk as New York City’s Global Welcome Ambassador ?  Fuggedabout it!...more

The Mortifying Reason I Addressed My Boyfriend as 'Hey Dude' the First Month We Were Dating

At the suggestion of a few friends, I’m doing something a little different today — that’s right, I’m talking adventures in love.One of my most memorable adventures was with my boyfriend, who (to my great shame) I almost broke up with a month after we started dating because I didn’t know his name.Yeah, you read that right....more
May I ask, did you make those gifs yourself? Or did you find them on the web somewhere?more

A Few Pretty Pictures of the New York City Skyline

To say yesterday was crazy is an understatement. As a result, I didn’t have much time to write for the blog or the book! BUT I have been taking pretty pictures from around the city for a rainy day (literally and metaphorically) like today…And thus I bring you a few pretty pics from around New York City. There aren’t many places that can beat these skylines....more

NYC Confessions: I Need a 'Seamless' Intervention

I have spent $80.13 on Seamless in the past two days, and if my favorite restaurant would’ve ever freaking opened, I would’ve made it past the $100 mark.I realized yesterday that I might have a problem when I reloaded my “favorites” page every half hour between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., thinking that surely then Zengo would be open....more