How Insidious is Racism in our Society?

Obviously, the United States is nowhere close to being free of racism, but how insidious is it really?  Recently, we have seen the deadly effects that racial bias can have for blacks when law enforcement is involved. These are scary times. Now, a NYT article highlights how insidious racial bias is in American culture. ...more

Breakfast May Not be Your Most Important Meal of the Day

Apologies to everyone who has been reluctantly scrambling up eggs in the morning because they were told that skipping breakfast could affect their ability to lose or maintain a healthy weight.  Turns out that research shows this may not be the case at all.  The New York Times reports that findings concluded that, "missing breakfast has either little or no effect on weight gain, or that people who eat breakfast end up consuming more daily calories than those who skip it." ...more
I also find that if I eat breakfast, I'm more likely to be hungrier earlier, and if you're ...more

Yes, Frank Bruni of the NYT, Parenting Is Confusing

These days, I don't usually even pay attention to the "baffled hymns" of those who don't have children. They're all basically trying to tell parents what they're doing wrong (not the childless, the "hymns" in question), they're all condescending as hell, and they're all totally off-base. But this. This is the New York Times. I mean, really? Really?...more
@eln5001 No, I mean, I can only speak for me, but that's awesome!more

The Sunday Puzzle

I recently subscribed to the New York Times — Sundays only. Not really as a way to keep up with my old stomping grounds — I find the idea that New York is still considered by some to be the center of the cultural universe no longer convincing, but more as a way to stay connected with ideas and my roots. I grew up in New Jersey, and my newspaperman dad bought the local papers as well as some from farther afield. But he was born on 14th Street and grew up in the Bronx, and the Times must have made him feel connected to his roots, too....more

Et Tube, Brute? My response to the NY Times article "Hunger Games"

You may have read the article "Bridal Hunger Games" in the Fashion section of the April 13th New York Times about dieting trends amongst women who are trying to lose weight for their wedding....more

Why is it ethical to eat meat?

The New York Times recently held an essay contest entitled “Why is it ethical to eat meat?”.  A judges panel made up of gentlemen that are either vegetarian or “minimalist” meat eaters was selected to choose the winning essay/essays which will be published in the NY Times.  The essay was required to be less than 600 words and to focus on the “ethics” of meat eating....more

New York Times Reviewer Calls Jodi Kantor's "The Obamas" Chick Nonfiction

Stop the presses! Did you know that there's a whole new genre of nonfiction that has been heretofore unknown? It's true! New York Times reviewer Douglas Brinkley unveiled it in his recent review of Jodi Kantor's The Obamas and it's called "chick nonfiction." What does it mean? Nothing good. ...more
It's a stupid term but not worth getting exercised over. I used to read the NYT Book review, in ...more

Reporting the Death of Whatshisname

    As a (retired) journalist, I spent much of Thursday watching internet news with fascination as reports of the violent death of Moamar Gaddafi leaked out.  I watched the national ne...more

Does Mother Still Know Best?

It almost a week later and I am still reading last Sunday’s thick stack of newspapers, sifting through the seemingly endless ways in which the 10th anniversary of September 11 was commemorated, quantified, qualified and honored in print. The New York Times in particular took special pains to compile a comprehensive analysis of all the ways in which the world has changed since, and because of, the attacks on America....more