On Graduation Weekend, Marking The Passing of Time

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen   ...more

It's stroke awareness week

Seeing how it is stroke awareness week I was asked to write a blog regarding our situation. I have already listed several blogs based on this information so I will keep this short. I hope my post will help educate someone reading it, and reach out to someone who needs it. ...more

Being a Mother AND Being You.

I certainly didn't stop being me the day I became a mother, though I did lose myself for a little while ... now you have to work out how be a mother and be you.' - Francesca Newby ...more

Newborn dumped in Airport's transit area

i read this article last night in the newspaper after i got back from work. thought of catching up with the world on news that i've been missing out on these days.  anyway, to cut the story short, this newborn was dumped in a BIG trash bag, all tied up in it and discarded in a transit area where the mother thought no one would notice. 'it' was still alive when airport staff found 'it' and was pronounced dead when 'it' reached the hospital. yes, dumped, trashed out, discarded, thrown or any other words that could describe that action. ...more

A New Addition

Great News. Our own Nadia has delivered a new bundle of joy. Our new blushing boy was born at 11:45 last night. Mom and baby are doing great. ...more

Eating Well for Your Baby

 Congratulations, you are pregnant! The next nine months are going to be an exciting time, not just for you but for your growing baby! Think of all the things a baby has to accomplish in only nine (ten) short months. They start as a single cell and then divide at an enormous rate. Their organs develop, the heart forms and starts beating and all five senses form. ...more

Half-off sale on all childrenswear! Infant to eight years old!

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I never thought I would want to see Pee so much

Paranoia.... That's what I immediately get when I have a newborn at home.  I caught the paranoia bug with Jeffrey and now I see I have it with Tyler as well. ...more

Study: First-time moms want more information about life with new baby

A new study including 151 mothers in Brisbane, Australia has found that first-time moms want more information about what life with a newborn will be like and says they often don't feel prepared for the recovery period after giving birth and emotional toll of caring for a new baby. ...more

I think I was in a semi-permanent state-of-shock after my son was born.  Besides having a ...more

Becoming a Mother: Providing Support for the Transition to Motherhood

Becoming a Mother is a blog designed to help expectant and first-time mothers make their transition to motherhood with more joy and less stress. Becoming a mother for the first time is a major life transition and one that most women in the U.S. and other Western countries are not fully prepared for. As a result, they hold fairy-tale expectations of "life after birth" and are shocked to discover that the real experience is very different. ...more

Please see my blog at http://newmothercentral.typepad.com/becomingamother for more information.more