Breastfeeding Series: Developing a good breastfeeding routine

Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. So getting into a good routine is important to establishing and maintaining a healthy supply....more

Chaos, Cuddles, and The Wonderfully Dreadful Newborn Phase

When I was pregnant with my first, I remember a co-worker telling me how the “dark times” of having children are in those first few weeks of life. I didn’t listen to a word he had to say about how having a newborn was the toughest part of parenting. So what if they can’t reciprocate the love and who cares that they just sleep and eat? I thought the newborn phase was going to be the absolute best and easiest part of it all. And then I had a newborn. And it wasn’t the best and easiest part of the parenting gig. ...more

Robot shows babies are manipulating their parents to smile

There is a special moment between newborns and their parents, when the baby first smiles. Lots of people will try to ruin this moment, saying that it is just gas or that smiling is a learned response so the baby didn't mean it, but those people are awful, because as a parent you just know that the smile was because your baby loves you....more

12 Horrible Things You Aren't Told About Being a New Mom

As my own child gets older and I remember the first days through things like Timehop, I see friends on the verge of having their own first baby. It's a magical, amazing time, but there are also some truly horrific and horrible things that nobody tells you....more

10 Signs You're The Mom of a Newborn

My baby boy Wallace there is almost 5 months old now. I'm out of the depths of the "newborn stage" but still in the fog between that and normal life. Oh, I still remember life at the bottom of that pit. It was bleak, to say the least. Here's 10 ways to know if you're still there:...more

What new Mom's really need

Remembering back to the days when I was a new Mommy there are certain things that really stand out to me when it comes to what made life smoother and easier. The days following the birth of your baby are filled with so many beautiful emotions and at the same time can be downright exhausting. There are ways to make the transition smoother and knowing what to anticipate can help too.So…it helps to think in terms of what’s essential. Let’s break it down.Should you buy a crib right away?...more

Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month and I've been pretty aware of breastfeeding lately. Since we brought baby #3 home, I've had my ups and downs with breastfeeding. I thought (incorrectly) that I would have a pain-free experience with my third go at this, but I definitely had some struggles that first week....more

The Days are Long, but the Years Short

When word got out that I gave birth to our first child, we were overwhelmed by everyone's kind and congratulatory wishes. People seemed genuinely happy for us and inundated us with gifts....more