Chronic Illness in Marriage, Part I: My Introduction

On a cold January evening, I stood in my front yard, wrapped in a red coat - the same coat I'd had all through high school - and waited for my ride. A ride from a guy. A guy I'd never met. A 19-year-old girl, standing in the snow, in the dark, waiting for a stranger to pick her up. Ladies, that was stupid. Don't ever do that....more

Tips From A Newlywed

The Hubs and I have been married for a little over a year now. That is a very small amount of time in the scheme of things but still makes us feel special because we have “experience”.   ...more

Coping with the Tough Times

Over the past few months I have struggled with the decision to talk about my personal life (in detail) on this, and other, blogs. My FAVORITE thing about most of the blogs that I read is the raw honesty the bloggers give to their readers, and their openness to divulge their very soul.This has been a tough choice for me, because as a newlywed much of my personal life is directly linked to that of my husband. We lead fairly private lives, and always have. How do you cross that line?...more

Save more when grocery shopping

My love/hate relationship with grocery shopping has grown into 100% love because of coupons and price matching. Currently I am just price matching, and it seems like I always get asked by the person behind me checking out ”what are you doing”? Price Matching is great, simple and you can save between $10-$30 each shopping trip by doing it....more

The Ring That Changes Everything

The one thing you are told as you prep for marriage is how different things will be, but if you are like me - you don't believe people.Then you actually get married and WHOA BOY is it different. Who knew that a piece of paper changes every dynamic of your life. When you were dating you used to find it cute that your hubby dropped his socks by the front door, now that you are married you think to yourself "I have to live with THIS the rest of my life?!" Its a change.That's not to say all changes are bad, but they are a change. ...more

Newlyweds on a budgeting date.

Well our budget date didn't go as well as planned. Initially. ...more

It sounds like learning to communicate about money and other things. And learning that questions ...more


We are doing a giveaway over at Teagan Tales.  The giveaway is from Sadie Ryan Keepsake tiles.  These can be great for wedding invitations, baby announcements, etc.  Any kind of picture you want to keep around for a long time and not worry about fading you can get placed on a beautiful tile and either hang it in your home or place it on your favorite shelf.  The giveaway is open until April 9th.  Go here to enter! You have a few chances to enter so there is no excuse!!!...more

A married Valentine's Day.

It was our first official married Valentine's Day and with careful planning by both parties, it was a lovely success.I love surprising Chris and he loves surprising me. However, I usually figure out his surprises before they happen because I think too much. In an effort to squash any chance of me ruining the fun for him, he threw in plenty of curve balls. And it worked.  ...more

Ten things I've learned so far in marriage.

It's been almost eleven months since my husband and I have been hitched and I can see the one year mark on teh horizon. Almost one year of learning how to share a queen size bed, cook dinner for two without having two weeks worth of leftovers (still perfecting this), memorize each other's Starbucks order and occasionally have an adult conversation where one or two of the parties disagree with the other. Just kidding. We haven't had a fight yet. Ha. ...more

6 Months of Married Bliss: A Newlywed's Realizations

I’ve been married for nearly six months, and they've been some of the best six mon...more

I'm getting married in 16 days. I've been trying to find blogs of people in a similar situation. ...more