Severe Weather At-Home Survival Tips

by Kris Kosach A View of the Authors Neighbo...more

Crazy Academic=Crazy Mom?


New Political Documentary on Barack Obama contains never-before-seen Lost Footage from his early days

BECOMING BARACK - EVOLUTION OF A LEADER - LOST FOOTAGEThere’s a great new Documentary DVD out featuring ”Lost Footage” I’d heard about from a Obama 1993 interview.  Trailers can be seen here -

Women's Health Newsmix: Female Viagra, Mammogram Regulations, Michelle Obama on Health Care

Equality with Viagra? We don't know about you, but WVFC was more than a little startled to learn that there's an organization called the "European Society for Sexual Medicine." We've also been a little skeptical of ...more

Balloon Boy, Reality TV and Twitter: Seeing Was Believing

Last week's Balloon Boy story had to be seen to be believed.  Literally.   It was a perfect example of the media deciding because there were pictures, there was a story.  Without the live video of the silvery, homemade flying machine gliding across the skies of Colorado would so many people around the world have been so emotionally invested in the fate of 6 year-old Falcon Heene who they thought was inside?  Picture the whole episode as a radio story.  How would we have felt then? ...more

Nudists & crazy ants: a potent Southern combo

I love the South, don’t get me wrong. And a few of us even managed to vote for Obama this last time round. Nevertheless, “Tennessee” and “Nudist Colony” have not been terms I would have connected, heretofore. ...more

Diane Sawyer's Dream Job. What It Really Says About The State Of Network News

Avuncular she is not. Not so sure that she is "materteral" either. And even if she were, no one is going to say it because materteral is not as much fun to say as avuncular--the beloved adjective used for the past several decades to describe the relationship between television news junkies and the anchors who deliver the news. ...more

I firmly believe  if the nightly news programs were not on a fatal decline, Couric and ...more

Could Your Survive for 20 Days With $20 Worth Food? College Kid Tries His Best...

I’m always amazed at the crazy things people do to prove a point and this story is no different. I happen to be a huge fan of UFCU (University Federal Credit Union), and I recently came across a special contest they’re doing for college students. It’s called, ‘What Can You Do With $20.09?‘ and the premise is what can you do with $20? In this economy, how creative can folks get when it comes to pinching pennies? Creative, indeed. ...more

I had a friend who lived off of $25/week for food and she found it really hard. We lived ...more

French Versus American Income Taxes: Who Pays More? (Part Three of Getting Sick)

Last weekend, inspired by some very good points and questions from readers, I went down the tax rabbit hole and into the very confusing world of French impôts, where everything is topsy-turvy — about as upside down, or right-side up, as things are in the American tax world.  In some aspects, the two systems are quite similar; in other aspects, they are completely different. ...more
That's an interesting paper but I think there's a mistake.. I'm french and I have one of my ...more