Forget Social Strategists, Project Managers Are In The Money

Mary C. Long, professional growth hacker & status quo disruptor  There has been an unexpected explosion in the unsexiest of roles to hit the social space — online project manager. While many “social” folks are all razzle dazzle, they’re apparently dropping the ball, and project or traffic managers and all-around organized folks are benefitting from the chaos these “growth mavericks” have created. ...more

Do Black Lives Really Matter to #blacklivesmatter?

Alright, I think I'm ready just a bit, to speak up about the #blacklivesmatter movement that's going around the country. Before I get started, and because I'm sure someone is going to be offended, I'll start by clarifying that I, too, am a Black woman. I may be lighter skinned, but that doesn't change the fact that my father is a Black man, my father's family is Black, and my mother is a Native American woman.Further, I do believe that #blacklivesmatter, but not just in the context of police brutality or racism....more
That's every nine days a government official we refer to as police, kills/abuses a citizen of ...more

The Only Possible Upside to Saying Goodbye to Jon Stewart Is If Sam Bee and Jessica Williams Get the Job

When one door closes, it's tempting to jump out a window. And after Jon Stewart surprised us with his resignation from The Daily Show this week, I was considering it. But wait! Before we give up hope, let's consider this. His seat behind the wooden desk and in front of that totally fake-looking blue map is empty. There will be no more imitating George W. Bush's six-grade laugh or slamming the business end of a book on the table in front of the camera after interviewing yet another American intellectual about the state of our union. ...more
There both awesome! I'd love either one to host.more

Why This Mom Agrees With John Grisham's Position On Child Pornography

Kids symbolize innocence. They are the most vulnerable demographic. Whenever I hear about crimes against kids I get angry. Having said that, I am trying to understand John Grisham's position on prosecuting persons on child pornography charges....more
Karen Ballum People make stupid mistakes. Whether or not the convicted offender knew what he was ...more

NOT GRANDMA'S WORLD....Times Have Changed......Get Used to It...

"This is not Kansas Dorthy...." or in other words this is not "Grandma's World..." Our world is changing and so rather than deny it we better start figuring out a positive way to navigate through all the changes......Yes, there are good changes, but even good changes bring along bad changes with it.......and bad changes can bring along good changes ultimately.....but it is in that "in between time" that things can be most difficult......Our world is changing for sure and we better get used to it.......more