Gathered Together

Last weeks articles and posts all gathered together in one spot from three blogs, websites, online published articles and ReadWave...more

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

A collection of articles from this past week, all gathered together in one place called the joy of nine9. Articles from around the web are pulled from my two blogs, ReadWave ( a writers sharing site), CAPC (Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner),  a site I moderate and write for called Association of Catholic Women Bloggers, and BrooWaha....more

81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike

 "81 Year Old Man is Killed While Riding His Bike"  That was the headline in  the small town's newspaper.  It really says very little and the normal response would be something to the effect that he lived a good life and probably didn't suffer as his death was on impact. ...more

Monday Morning

He flings the paper from the end of the walkway with a a single movement the way he once threw a discus. It lands in the grass. I put on a hat to cover my sleep tossed hair and walk outside. A sweatshirt, baggy pants and sandals make me presentable for another neighbor retrieving a paper. We nod. It's too early to discuss the fate of the world or whether the new crossword editor has resorted to arcane words and convoluted play on words. I glance at the front page and note that later I'll read about bike couriers making a comeback. It's a good morning. ...more

Newspaper Nails! Who Knew?

I LOVE doing my nails! Why? Because it is a cheap, easy way to make a fashion statement even when I haven't taken a shower and am dressed "to the nines" in my Old Navy Yoga Pants and college soccer t-shirt (I graduated in '98 - its kinda old...).Anyway, thanks to Rachel Ray who printed up some fun and nifty things to do with your nails besides the same ol' same ol'.  Why nails are in her food magazine, I don't know...But I'm grateful nonetheless....more
Laughing - yes, very cute!more

Skip the bin. Recycle paper into everyday objects instead.

Tired of dumping newspaper, computer paper and magazines in the bin for someone else to recycle? Here are ten creative ways you can recycle paper at home in ways that can be re-used again and again. 1....more

I've been using the comics to wrap gifts since I was a little kid (my mom used to do it). Thanks ...more

Is Mainstream Media Scared of Social Media?

Navigating new media is a bit of a rollercoaster ride -- up and down, thrilling and sickening all at once. Success is often measured in mere survival. The Stanford grad students who developed Pulse, an iPad news reader that sells for four bucks in the Apple store, definitely got their first big ride last week. ...more

Why ignore the NYT? Some of the best reporting on the planet comes from their reporters. How ...more

Buy an ad: Save a magazine (or a newspaper)

Thinking about advertising in print media? Now may be the best time ever because this rocky economy is affecting magazines and newspapers, too. ...more

New York Times <3--Debunking Crack Baby Myth

I took a really interesting class last term about prenatal and infant development. The professor does a lot of research about depression and fetal/infant outcomes, and also did some work on the 'crack baby' epidemic. I was shocked when she told us that there is overwhelming evidence that the entire epidemic was little more than a scare tactic. ...more

Home-and-Hand-Made Coasters

Learn to make your own coasters. Photos included :-) by Gawky Green @ twogirlsgogreen ...more