Some Comic Relief for You, Valentine

Some may not associate Valentine's Day with old newspaper comics, but if you haven't noticed by now, I'm not really like "some people"....more

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New study says media is the leading sex educator for kids

Finding out what your kids watch on TV or on the internet could be as important to your kids' health and wellness as making sure they wear bike helmets. According to an article published in the September issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, kids are learning about sex from the media and the message can be dangerous....more

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Sportswriter

I find it curious that mainstream media can find time to complain that bloggers are ruining news when some newspapers can't even accurately report the score of the SUPER BOWL. The Virginian-Pilot newspaper actually printed "Colts 31, Saints 17". Whoops. ...more

Another good reason to keep newspapers alive - for the sales circulars

I spend hours online but I’m still a newspaper junkie.  Online shopping lets me research anything I’m thinking about buying.  And then there are all the juicy comments which are often called "reviews."  Ha!   I start off examining customers’ comments and then I stop at a review where someone is telling a harrowing story about exactly what happened the night they brought their new mattress home. Sagging!  Sides collapsing!  Back pain! Co-sleepers sniping at each other in the morning! ...more

I hate shopping. I'm thrifty and don't really want to buy anything - ever. But I do like sale ...more

Managing Paper

I consider paper to be clutter, especially when it is unsolicited. But we must deal with a certain amount of paper on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to keep from getting overwhelmed: Filing - Setting up and maintaining a simple, effective filing system saves an untold amount of time because you know exactly where to find items you need. - If you are a visual person, consider using different colors of file folders for different categories. ...more

The Washington Post Nixes Pay-to-Play Salons with Lobbyists

Within an hour of its editorial staff posting its side of the story on an influence-peddling mini-scandal, the Washington Post has added an update saying its publisher, Katharine Weymouth, has canceled plans for "off-the record salons." Earlier this morning The Post responded to a story from Politico on a flier circulated Wednesday by the newspaper's business arm ...more

This whole episode seems like something made up by Stephen Colbert.

By the way, ...more

Confessions of a magazine & catalog addict

I’m a third generation magazine and catalog addict.  My grandmother loved them.  My mother loved them.  And a fourth generation is now well represented by my daughter. When I was a child, even before I could read, Mother saved all her magazines and catalogs for me.  I was fascinated by how she treated them like treasures.  Not one was thrown away until it had been read and read and re-read. ...more

What Do We Lose if Boston Loses the Globe?

There's been a cliffhanger drama playing out in the news industry over the last few weeks as negotiators for the New York Times company and the unions representing employees of the Boston Globe try to agree on millions of dollars in wage concessions, hoping to save Beantown's only daily broadsheet. ...more

The fate of the Boston Globe is serious. We need newspapers. I've read posts on other blogs ...more

What can museums learn from the decline of American newspapers?

I address today's post to those who work in nonprofits, but most especially museums. Still, I think many cultural institutions and businesses would benefit from taking a closer look at the decline of the American newspaper. ...more

I find it interesting that you're making a direct comparison to museums.  Why choose this ...more