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Bankruptcy for Robert Kennedy Publishing?!

Day's that something exciting arrives in the mail are pretty few and far between around here, but there's one thing I always look forward to- the day my Oxygen magazine arrives! I'm sure it sounds rather lame, but after four weeks I find myself craving the next issue. Unlike any other women's fitness magazine I've come across, it's well worth it's weight in paper; its pages are consistently packed with challenging workouts, useful information, and decent recipes....more

I Went to High School With Charles Ramsey, Cleveland's New Hero

I went to high school with Charles Ramsey, one of the men credited for helping to rescue Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, three Cleveland women who had been missing for 10 years. We didn't know each other as students at Charles F. Brush High School, even though we graduated the same year. It was only after fellow high school classmates posted on Facebook this week that I learned our lives had intersected then. ...more
So let me guess. You loved Cleveland, Ohio but decided to move to my beloved State of California ...more

Aaron Swartz Makes me think of MLK in weird kind of Way!

I read a blog post about Aaron Swartz.  A young gentleman I knew nothing about until he killed himself at the tender age of 26.  I read the blog post on Blogher written by Virginia DeBolt “News and Comments About the Suicide of Aaron Swartz.”   because of his age.  Whenever you have a child close to that age, my oldest son is 24, it kind of shakes you.  I sat and cried.  I cried for his loved ones.  I imagined their questions and heartbreak.  Suicide has to be the w...more
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Reality Bites - Lessons Learned From November 6th

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Mitt Romney’s Economic Development Binders

Much has said about the binders of resumes that Mitt Romney received after he was elected Governor of Massachusetts in 2002. But nothing has been said about the Binders of Accomplishments that the women who served in his cabinet presented to him four years later....more

Mitt Romney: Insider Takes

Women who held senior roles in his Administration speak up   Seven women who worked closely with Mitt Romney in senior posts when he served as Massachusetts Governor recently got together for a special reunion.  It was a true joy to reconnect with a group of such diverse and talented professionals. We proudly served for four years in the Romney/Healey Administration, handed detailed transition...more

How Mitt Romney Has Empowered Women

"Baby, law isn't a good profession for girls," my father told me. "Stay with music, dear, that is what you and your people do so well," my high school dean said. I was 16, and asking them the most important question of my life:  Will you tell me how to become a lawyer? ...more
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This morning Republican Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will announce Paul Ryan as his running mate and in doing so appears to be declaring war against everything that the Democratic Party stands for. With the choice of Paul Ryan, Romney will not only be exacerbating the culture wars, but he appears to have set his sights on two of the great presidents of the Twentieth Century: FDR (The New Deal) and LBJ (The Great Society), indeed, the great shift of the Twentieth Century back to the people....more

Campaign,Confused,So Very Confused?

I am just gonna ramble today.  I read a blog post a few days ago about how lucky Mitt Romney is.  He is filthy rich and pays no taxes.  My husband happens to be a CPA, actually owns an Accounting firm. So,I asked him a few questions. STUPID. STUPID.STUPID.  I got way too many details. I love him,it thrills me that he LOVES what he does but my head hurt after his quick tutorial. HEAD HURT!!I don’t want to make your head hurt too!...more