Lincoln Had it Right

As seen this week on (7/3/2012):So we’re kind of at a stand still right now with Harrison’s adoption.  After we found out that we had to have an ad litem attorney (in San Antonio) to represent Harrison, that is where things have slowed down.  Everything else is done, and now we are waiting for this last step to fall into place so that we can get a court date.  I anxiously await for the phone call that says when we can go!...more

iPhone or Rent:Would You Draw the Line on Welfare Assistance?

I’m a sucker for a story.  I have days of loving to travel into fantasy, be swept away by a great romance or even a fun Beachy read! Probably my favorite story is a good Historical Romance.  Oh, I can get lost in  long historical tale!!...more
 @Lucy's Reality Lawyers... No wonder there are buckets full of jokes about them!more

Obamacare has me Craving Vicodin!

I have a question? How do you feel about Obamacare and all the Healthcare brouhaha!?! Yeah, what a question!My head pounds,spins and hurts from all of it! I try to do my own research with limited biases. I see you laughing.It all seems like a nice idea.  “One for all and all for one! “...more
 @HomeRearedChef I know how you feel, seriously my head spins from all of it and I get so tired ...more

We Need a President that fits a Country Song!

Sometimes I wish I could stand up AND scream “So what do you want?”Many Americans Baffle me?...more

Nightime Musings from the Nursery Rocker

Tonight I am sad.It’s after midnight, the baby and the boy are asleep.  The wife is asleep.  I should be asleep.  But my mind won’t shut down, thinking about some of the awful things going on today in our country....more

Ilina of Dirt and Noise: Involving Your Children in Your Political Passions

This month for the Why I'm Political series, interviewing bloggers about the issues that matter to them, I was pleased to talk with Ilina Ewens of Dirt & Noise. Ilina once wrote about having to explain to her two young sons the importance of President Obama signing the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law -- so I wasn't surprised that she had a lot to say about being a politically minded woman!...more

Herman Cain, Penn State and what America thinks of Women and Children

Herman Cain’s continued candidacy is a sign of what America feels about women.   The animosity created over the ousting of Penn State’s former coach Joe Paterno indicates that America cares more about college football than protecting children from sexual predators.  Are these statements true? The reactions to these two stories appear to indicate that they are.  ...more

The Journey Begins for Project Cold Call - Phase I

I had the opportunity to change my life and I am taking advantage of it.  I will not embark upon the journey alone though, as I am going on this journey with an excited and adventurous group of 43 students who are willing to share in 44 different experiences. ...more

Sorting Through Dirty Laundry Not Ours; What Weiner's Woes Say About Us

This week, in a 30 minute press conference that felt like 30 tortuous hours, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner confessed that the infamous "crotch shot" was indeed his. This after originally lying and suggesting that his email account had been hacked. The Congressman admitted that he had had flirtatious Internet relationships with about six women in which he sent sexually explicit pictures and text messages. Mr....more

and certainly hope that impression was conveyed. This sort of behavior always has difficult and ...more

Mother Earth is Hemorrhaging

On Mother's day, I wondered how many folks thought about the current plight of the mother of us all - Mother Earth? I found it hard to fully celebrate such a wonderful day even though I was lovingly surrounded by my own mother, children and grandchildren.  In the back of my mind, as it has been since the day of the Gulf oil catastrophe, was the thought of the mother of all life's blood spilling freely without abate in sight. ...more