Does Power Make Women Fantasize About Submission?

There is a great need among our species to answer the question of "why," and this need often leads to wild speculation that is very difficult to substantiate. When it comes to BDSM, we cannot ask "why" because the people who practice surrender are not a homogenous group. We're not just women, we're not just straight, we're not just submitting to lovers or even other humans. The answer to the question of "why" is as varied as our numbers are varied. All we can ask is "how." ...more
Mmm very bewildering and something that I might have got into when I was a Catholic with a kind ...more

Applying science to life

The current edition of Newsweek is chock-full of stories that will make you happier and healthier.Or not.The writers have fallen victim to the false reasoning that you can apply scientific results to your own particular case.Just because researchers find that, in some circumstances, drinking red wine is associated with fewer heart problems, you can therefore assume that you personally will benefit from drinking red wine.That’s faulty scientific reasoning....more

The Great Sex Addiction Epidemic

The Sex Epidemic. Those are the words Newsweek used to headline an article about sexual addiction. While the piece does a decent job of describing hypersexuality -- thereby destroying the ability of those caught red handed to claim sex addiction as a way to get off scot-free -- it discredits itself by being so quick to point to the internet as a main cause of the problem. ...more
Fascinating blog! Your depiction is attention-grabbing. Thanks for sharing your valued vision. ...more

Michele Bachmann Newsweek Cover Photo: Sexist or Not?

Let's give you the basics to get the debate going -- because it is both evergreen and ever-important, especially for women who seek political office (or any visible position of leadership). Here's Newsweek's cover featuring Michele Bachmann this week:...more
Politics are so unfair to women. Sexism at its worst because only women suffer these acts. Its ...more

Was Sarah Palin's Newsweek Cover Sexist Or Has "Going Rogue" Gone Wrong?

Sarah Palin is in a tizzy (again) over her Newsweek cover photo calling it “out of context” and “sexist”.   ...more

Depressed? Congrats, Lady: You're EVOLVED

For those of you who have ever wondered, would Darwin take Xanax? - and I know that you're out there - there's finally an answer: no, because depression is a sign of strong evolutionary adaptation. Or something. Maybe.According to a report discussed this week in Newsweek, depression may be an "adaptation" in human beings - and, oddly, rats - that provides for selection of stronger, fitter humans:...more

Snarky responses are the only way to cope with the frightening results of this science. ...more

Is The Recession Making Us Fat?

A Newsweek article correlates the increase in the obesity rate with the recession. I do not think that the recession is making us fatter. But, it is a good excuse. During difficult times people often turn to anything that is comforting. “Comfort food” isn’t called comfort food for nothing. ...more

Bio-Identical Hormone Viral Outbreak

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

Oprah's Health Advice: Take it or leave it?

I'm not a lover (or a hater) of the Oprah Show, when she has something I'm interested in I watch, otherwise I don't. Since I write about health and wellness, I do tend to be more interested in her health related shows. Now there is a Newsweek article addressing her many controversial and sometimes misleading health related shows. No surprise, there are a lot of women blogging about whether or not Oprah's advice is good advice. ...more

I used to love Oprah and plan my day to watch ...more

Newsweek Blasts Oprah - What's Next? There's No Santa?

My hands trembled as I read the cover of this week's Newsweek I pulled from the mailbox. ...more

Thanks so much for your kind words, Megan!  I really appreciate it!  Everyone at BlogHer has ...more