Newt Gingrich: What Women Need, the GOP Can Deliver.

With Monday's official Republican National Convention events cancelled, the hallways of the Tampa Convention Center -- rather than center stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum -- are the main event, with politicians, aides, and armies of journalists on the hunt for a story parading the hallways. ...more
@Liz Scherer...BS! What convention are YOU watching?more

With Newt Gone, How Far Will Romney Pivot?

After coming away victorious after his first elections without significant competition, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney didn't take long to make the inevitable pivot we all knew was coming. Reeling in no less than 58% of the vote in all five of Tuesday's primaries, "Mittens" wasted no time in appealing to swing voters. He nixed any talk of conservatives from an end-of-evening speech that sounded more like a nomination acceptance than a celebration of a couple primary victories....more
 @ktlwry Swing voters are just those who could vote either way in the general election.  In both ...more

SUPER TUESDAY OR BUST: Santorum Surge Gives Moderate Heartburn

Twist. Senator Rick Santorum jumped to the head of the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls again last night, securing wins in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. It's led to a chorus of shock-and-awe warning that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney might be on the ropes....more

FLORIDA | Total Eclipse of Gingrich: Romney Super PAC Delivers Astronomical Punch

Maybe he's kidding or maybe I don't get the joke.At any rate, former House Speaker Newton "Newt" Gingrich advocated recently for the colonization of the moon. As in, the big white planet in the night sky which affects our tides. If you're going imperialist, go big....more
We are screwed this coming election.more

I Was Married to Newt Gingrich

I'm coming clean and you are the first to know.If you are a frequent Dating Dementia reader, you'll recall that I seldom remember my dreams.  Scientists have established that everyone dreams.  I'm sure I do.  Yet, for some unknown reason, upon waking I remember nothing about the weird wanderings of my midnight mind.Ignorance is indeed bliss....more How come I just saw these comments? I know it is like soft ...more

GOP Primary after South Carolina: Three Races, Three Winners, Now What?

What a difference a day -- or 48 hours in this case -- makes....more
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If you're being an @ss, admit it.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to blow off a little steam.  Why is it that when people are being a-holes, they can’t admit it?  This week especially, it seems, the amount of a^^hole-ish behavior is at an all-time high....more

Of Marriage, Commitment, Politics and Presidents

Early this morning I scanned an article covering details of the ABC interview with Newt Gingrich's ex-wife, Marianne....more
@DeSha Ranch ~ I wrote the post in a way that simply raises questions to consider. Both for me ...more

Things I Need to Know, Things I Found

Things I Need to Look Up to Keep up with My Date:1. Stuff on government deregulation 2. Where if, the U.S has stationed troops against China 3. Artichoke Haircut Readings4. The difference between UMBC and Univeristy of Baltimore5. Why Marilyn Monroe kept forgetting her lines (was it drugs or was she just forgetful)6. And what was Marilyn Monroe's mentor's name?7. Newt Gingrich8. Mit Romney as governor of MassachusettsThings I found out:...more

My Reading List:

Blog DirectoryI got back after my cats threw up all over each other on the plane and after I tipped the shuttle driver two bucks on the way back to my car after he asked if I had plans for New Year's Eve because he got off work at 2. I ate a lot of cheese while watching cute guys come in with their girlfriends to Jaimie's roommate's place on the 28th floor in the Vue and I watched one really cute one in the reflection of the window over the harbor while pretending to study a white christmas tree....more