The Debate from a conservative's view

Call me "disappointed". I love the moderators,they are smart, accomplished and one is a little edgy (I will let you guess which one I mean) but they seemed more intent on ginning up the conflict between the candidates than allowing them to showcase their solutions and make their final pitches to the voting public....more

Should Herman Cain Withdraw From the Presidential Race?

Maybe it's time for Herman Cain to give it up. Or is it?...more
Is he different from anyone else you ask? Why yes, he is, because he is running for president. ...more

Right View of Republican Debate: Bachmann And Romney Make Big Impressions

It was like watching every expectation I had for her (and every pre-written joke about her Palin-like accent) just melt away in front of my eyes. The comedian was speechless. She was even more speechless when she noticed that Michele seemed not only genuinely qualified to be in the race, but downright giddy with excitement about it. I've never met a happy politician. Maybe that's what we've been missing all along....more

is how Romney describes giving federal aid to disaster stricken communities.

Have we really ...more

New Hampshire Republican Debate as Seen From the Left: Bachmann Wins

From the moment U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann (R, MN- 6) began to speak at the first New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary debate last night, the game to beat her was on. She immediately used her time to grab earned media through her announcement, on the air, that she was about to file the paperwork to run for U.S. president. Bachmann is the first female to do so since Hillary Clinton ran for the Democratic nod in 2007-2008....more

I hear you, I promise - I really really do. But it's totally up to us to be sure that for all ...more

(Live-Blog Event) Republican Primary Debate in New Hampshire

To some, this season is the end of school, start of summer season. But to me? It's the start of live-blogging season as CNN hosts tonight's Republican presidential primary debate. ...more

Arnold and Dominique: Adultery (aka Folie) a Deux

One of the most influential men in the entire world stands accused of violent rape. He was thought to have left the fancy hotel. He had not left. He allegedly laid in wait. Allegedly naked. And she reportedly is HIV positive, will he now sue her for "deliberate endangerment by exposure to a virus" or some other legal term? His well paid attorney is now saying it was a ‘set up’ to ruin Mr Strauss-Kahn’s political potential....more

Newt is Anything But New

Just when you thought the Republican slate of presidential hopefuls couldn’t get any more bizarre (courtesy of Donald Trump), more boring (thanks to Mittens Romney and Tim Pawlenty, yawn) or just plain old more idiotic (the ladies have this one tied up, thanks to Sarah “I can see Russia from my bedroom window” Palin and Michele “carbon dioxide has never been proven to be harmful” Bachmann), enter stage right Newt “Mr....more

Be A Better Blogger: What's Going On In the "Mosque at Ground Zero" Controversy

In case you have been on vacation from cable television and twitter for the last month or so, the summer's domestic political headlines have been dominated by a dispute over a proposed Islamic community center near the site of the World Trade Center attacks that has come to be known, variously, as Park 51, Cordoba House and, most popularly, the "Ground Zero Mosque." A Muslim organization has proposed building a 13-15 story community center on the site of a building that was damaged by debris fro...more

Ah the tyranny of Googlejuice! I confess to throwing the term into the meta-tags in a kind of ...more

Crony Capitalism, Tribalism and the Cycle of Decay: Can the Internet Fix Politics?

Not to be overly melodramatic, but at the moment, it’s becoming more and more apparent that corporate America and political elites of both parties are locked in an embrace that threatens to scuttle the world economy, the environment and our system of representative democracy. ...more

One thing that concerns me ...more

Scozzafava Quits Race; Conservatives Send Message to GOP

 Dede Scozzafava, the ACORN-backed, WFP-supported Republican nominee to Re. McHugh in New York's 23rd District, suspended her campaign today amid high negative numbers and lagging support....more

So much for Tea Party / Loesch influence, eh? The voters went the OPPOSITE direction ...more