Thankful this Christmas, more than ever

Last night after I had finally finished the wrapping and made sure that the stockings were stuffed and the cinnamon rolls were ready to roll in the morning, I laid down and closed my eyes.  I thought of how tired I was, then my 19 month old woke up, and I wanted to cry.......I was so exhausted.  After I finally got him back to sleep, I lay there and thought to myself, " Wow, how incredibly selfish I was to be upset that my son woke up and disturbed me when all I wanted to do was sleep....more

Focus on Hope

I was devastated to learn about the shooting last week. In the wake of this tragedy I would like to share a few things that I read recently. Each of these readings are profound and beautiful, but the combination of the three have had an immeasurable impact on me and how I hope to move forward. This first excerpt is from an email I received from our pastor. ...more

Keep Guns Out of School

Who hasn't been thinking about guns lately?  Unless you've been living in a hole, the debate about stricter gun laws has been at the top of every American's mind every day for a week.  First, with the initial shock and disbelief, of children and teacher's being gunned down by someone barely out of his own childhood;  and then every day since… courtesy of the media's overproduced stories of the fallout, the children, the burials and all of the families affected....more

Thinking of Angels and the Children of Sandy Hook

 We need to believe in angels right now.   This became clear to me on the day after the tragic events in Newtown, CT when I saw that an essay I wrote two years ago, called “A Christmas Eve Thought about Angels”—a post I had nearly forgotten about-- had suddenly become the most popular one on my blog ....more

The Language of Love; an action of love dedicated to all of them, in all of us

Just got in from planting. It’s a new home for us and well, the yard has been unkempt for awhile....more

On Guns, Brains and My Conservative Facebook Friend

Note: For some reason this is posting as one long paragraph, despite paragraph breaks formatted into the piece. Apologies and please go to to read with proper formatting. Thanks! x I have a Facebook friend, someone from my hometown on Long Island, whose right wing views and impassioned posts have lead me, at times, to strongly consider "un-friending" him. I haven't, since I want to continue engaging in dialogue with people whose views are diametrically opposed to mine....more

No Words

"What do you say?"Since the tragic slaying of 20 children and six teachers in Newtown, Connecticut, I have heard that phrase in a variety of settings, all equally challenging.What do you say?... To the loved ones of those who lost their lives.What do you say?... To a grieving town.What do you say?... To a nation left stunned in the wake of yet another act of mass murder.What do you say?... To parents who have to send their kids off to school this week....more

The Truth Is…Sometimes I Wish I Never Had Kids

On this blog I admit things, I admit things most people would not admit outside their own thoughts and sometimes not even then.I planned on writing this post before finding out about the chaos in Connecticut. Now my attitude has changed, but this post title remains valid....more

Why I'm Silent

Since the tragedy in Newtown, I've largely remained silent.  Why?  Because I refuse to be drawn in to minutiae.  I will only grieve for those lost.I will not speculate on motive.  The gunman is dead.  Let the detectives conduct their investigation. I will not blame Asperger's Syndrome.  Every child I have ever known who suffers with it has been a gentle soul.  The authorities have not determined the exact mental illness involved.  Let them do their job....more

"You know Miss B, this whole thing has me wondering...would you take a bullet for us? Be honest."

I've blogged about my student teaching experiences before, and how I've handled my sexuality in the classroom, dealing with the aftermath of Sandy in my school, and other experiences. However, I never expected to have students ask me if I would take a bullet for them. ...more