Musings About the Murders in Newtown from a Former Gun Junkie

The Monday morning following the Sandy Hook massacre, which took place less than 30 minutes away in a town much like our own rural community of Bethany, Connecticut, my sister-in-law, Laurie, dropped her son off at Bethany Community School where three state troopers greeted them at the school entrance. My nephew, Jeremiah, had tears in his eyes as he entered the building....more

The last thing we need

 Newtown is, like any contemporary tragedy, becoming a symbol far faster than it should.  In our 24-hour news cycle world, in our byzantine network of social media, there is no time to absorb the horrible complexity of something like this.  There is no time to wrap our heads around the shape of 20 small bodies, 6 adult ones.  There is no time to be human and mourn. ...more

After Sandy Hook, Social Media Bonds Us All

I was thinking about how isolating it was before we were hyperconnected. Things happened and it could take hours or days before you could connect with the person. You paced around the house, from room to room, desperate for information with no way to get it. As much as I complain about connectivity sometimes, the Internet not only provided information last Friday after the events at Newtown, but it brought comfort and kind words of support from all corners of the earth. ...more
In memory of Noah, helps people create a virtual taco in his honor.more

Don't Feed the Fire

There's really nothing that any of us can say that can bring light or wisdom to the tragedy in Newtown. It was horrendous. Nothing can make it ok or justify any of it. Nothing will bring back those precious babies that were the same age and same grade as my Ava. It makes me sick thinking of the horror all those babies went through. Whether you're on either spectrum of the gun control debate, it doesn't matter. What does matter is that mental health needs to be taken more seriously. Maybe some people are just evil and nothing will ever help them....more

Gun control would not have prevented the senseless loss at Sandy Hook Elementary.

A simple match and gas can could have been just as deadly.If we truly want to stop these incomprehensible acts, our nation must focus our energies on mental health. We must go to the root of the problem, not put a politically-charged band-aid on the hardware used.Twenty children, all innocent little first-graders – dead.  Seven women, among them mothers, teachers and a principal. Gone. The 20-year-old shooter, a child in most of our eyes, is lost, too. An entire nation in shock....more

How to stop the man from bursting through the door

We have been through this before, but this, this feels different. These were babies. And though age does not determine the value of one’s life—these were babies, and as such our emotions are astronomically escalated....more