How to plan your year + FREE PRINTABLE!

Hello again! Well, on 26th me and my family had a one-day-after-Christmas lunch together. It was great having all of my people at our house. We had so much to eat and I'm full for a month now, really. Today all of them went home and I started to "worry" about the new year. I don't know if I have any plans, anything to change,...Yesterday I talked to my boy about that and we decided to go swimming once a week, starting in January, so this would be our resolution and I'm fully ready....more

New Beginnings

I've recently been laid off.  With my time being returned to me I've decided to renew my committment to clean eating.  To jump-start the process I am embarking on a 30-day cleanse.     A little toast to good health, and creating a more positive lifestyle for 2013! ...more

Drink and the World Drinks With You. De-tox, and you...

Thanks a lot, world!  In a fit of New Years virtuousness I declared here last week that I would give up drinking alcohol for the month of January.  And what was your response?  A whole lot of "You go, girl!"  And...see ya!...more