What NFL Players Could Learn From Little Leagues.

While Patriots fans were screaming and jumping up down and Seahawks fans were in standing frozen in complete shock, I found myself talking to the television:"Uh. Oh. Settle down, boys!"I could see it coming. I'm sure all 130 million of us could see it coming as the shoving and pushing and wrestling and full on rugby-scrumming broke out on the field.I get it. The frustration. The loss. The passion that they had been playing with all night long. The expectation. The brotherhood of testosterone-filled teammates....more

Domestic Violence is NEVER Okay! Janay Rice, Kayla Dwyer, and Others We’re Praying for You

I tried to avoid speaking on this subject matter because of my own personal struggle with domestic abuse and violence having lived with and experienced it over the years, but something just would not let me keep quiet....more

Why doesn't she leave? Only she knows

This post was originally published in 2012, but is being revised and reposted because not much has changed in the world of victim-blaming since then. My thoughts are with Janay Rice and her daughter Rayven, both of whom are in even graver danger today than they were a few months ago. If I were the praying kind, my knees would be worn out for them. I love my feminist sisters and brothers, but they aren't perfect.  Feminists can be power trippers, backstabbers, and my-shit-don't-stinkers as much as any other segment of the human population....more
It's easy to misjudge what you don't understand. I can identify with the disbelief but it's only ...more

Open Letter To Janay Rice

I'm so sorry, Janay. I'm so sorry that you are once again made to endure the scrutiny of the public. You know? If my personal business was revealed to all the world, I would be mortified....more
Courtney Henley The facts are that once a severely battered woman leaves her abuser her risk of ...more

10 Reasons to Welcome the Return of Football

As I write this, all 32 NFL teams are in the throes of training camp; the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony and game will take place this weekend; and fans are already assembling their fantasy leagues. ...more
I like you, Casey: I can feel your enthusiasm through my computer screen. #GoTeammore

I’ve got job security. And you do, too.

 If you’re a mom, you’re probably going to relate to what I have to say....more

There's A Fine Line.... and Football

There’s a fine line between hope and fear, fantasy and reality, worry and obsession when you have a child with chronic illness. Keeping your feelings in check, and your perspective clear can feel like walking a tightrope. Swaying just a bit to one side or the other can throw off the balance, and that can spell disaster....more

HI! I'm Colleen and I'm a die-hard football fan!

Hi. My name is Colleen and I am a die-hard football fan. To say that I'm excited about the start of what I call the most wonderful time of the year would be an understatement. I live for football. No really, I do!...more

Breaking Up With Mark...Sanchez

 Dear Mark,...more