The New Mother of the NFL NHL Rookie

Allow me to be the youngest surrogate mother to all these NFL NHL rookies that were drafted by giving a little advice so they can keep their money and be humble and focused on one honey.  The draft has given monetary promises and endorsement hopes to many players from the college ranks.  For many of these young athletes, this is the most money any of them have ever seen....more

The 2012 NFL Draft: Notes for the Busy Fan

This is the NFL Draft Guide for those of us who don’t have the dubious luxury of watching decades of tape on college football players leading up to the NFL’s Annual Player Selection Meeting.We have lives that prevent us from indulging in the apparently endless hours of speculation on team needs, Wonderlic scores, shuttle times and the detailed physical measurements of 22-year-old men. Okay, maybe we speculate a little on that last one. You know, when passing by the local fire station....more